What are the most creative wedding themes?

When you are planning your dream wedding, finalizing the theme is one of the daunting tasks. Everyone wants to make their wedding day unique and memorable. So, the theme plays an important role that can bring inimitable style and royal personality into your big day. After selecting a theme it will be easy for you to choose everything from your menu to décor. By doing this you can add more romance and creativity that will keep things fresh and modern. So, this is going to be a daunting commitment for the same reason. To ease the burden on your big day you can also hire the best wedding planner in Delhi. So run your mind, create your imagination and decide the most important thing “Theme”.

If you are also worried about the perfect theme for your special day, then here we enlisted few creative ideas. These thoughts will surely help you and satisfy your innovative details.

  • The Romantic Theme

This theme is going trendy nowadays. Lots of flowers, airy light, and soft hues are the best way to add a romantic flavor. People who love outdoor activity then consider a romantic garden for your wedding day. If you have any doubt then you can take suggestions from the couple who held their wedding in a garden. To fit their theme, you can add plenty of colorful flowers.

  • Style Like Vintage

If you are inspired by the past decades then vintage style is going to be perfect for your Day. You can channel this through your look and wedding outfit. Weathered doors, worn-in wood seats, and antique-looking décor are the best way to enhance the look of vintage theme. By adding classic gateway cars like an old Volkswagen and Porsche; you can give a final touch to your vintage-style wedding.

  • Eccentric (Whimsical way)

Bright splashes of color and bohemian components touch are an ideal option for the whimsical couple. In this unique way, you can see lots of incorporated design elements like mismatched chairs, arrangements of punchy flowers, streamers, and multicolored balloons.

  • Modern Wedding Theme

Geometric shapes, minimal design, and clean lines are the best way for a modern wedding. Channel this theme however you see fit as modern theme knows few bounds. So be careful with every single step and put a modern spin on anything, from your venue decoration to your wedding dress. To fit the modern theme, you can add a bold color scheme, sleek seats, and cool structural backdrops.

  • Rustic Style Wedding

We can see many couples have started going towards a rustic wedding ceremony. This theme will give you and your guests a homey vibe. The contribution of string lights, woody look, mason jars, lace, and twine make it more rustic. If you are a diehard fan of rustic wedding décor then you should consider a more rural venue. So book the best budget wedding planner in Delhi to make this happen.

  • Ultimate Celestial Vibes

The couple who love to gaze at stars and the moon at night, this theme is perfect for them. Even your wedding dress can also channel more celestial vibes in your ceremony. Don’t forget that you have to be more creative with this galaxy-inspired theme. So take inspiration from the night sky and astronomy and this will work wonders in any setting.

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  • Simple/ Natural & Eco Friendly

If you are eco-friendly then translate your mentality into an herbal wedding ceremony subject matter. To channel this theme you can use biodegradable confetti. Decorate your table with plants instead of flowers. For invitation, use recycled paper to print cards.

  • Art Decoration

Art is another form of creativity. This theme includes plenty of geometric shapes, sharp lines, robust fonts, ornate gold, and sparkles. This theme is similar to a modern theme. You can make this more attractive by adding vintage allure and tasteful glitz.


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