What are some of the great Podcasts in 2021?

A podcast is an audio file that is digitally available on browsers. Also, a podcast is a series of episodes that the audience can download on their smart devices from the internet for easy listening. Many choose smartphones, while many prefer smartwatches for receiving podcasts. Similarly, a person can subscribe to his favorite ones for fast notifications and updates. It can be played anywhere at any time.  

Nowadays, there are hundreds of podcasts available that a person can't understand which one to choose. Therefore, here we present the latest and the great podcasts of different interests for you.

Career Talk

Career Talk is the top-ranked podcast in the year 2021. This comedy podcast has a vast network of 50+ original shows. It is the best place for podcasters, listeners, and advertisers. Also, it works both on Android and iOS iPhones.

Therefore, a podcaster can grow his audience via his talents and skills. Also, it is a suitable place for the listeners to get a variety of episodic series on the weekend for better time and updates. Advertisers are also invited for their brand advertisements. 

So, the main purpose of the career talk is to empower and motivate people to share their career experiences with others with useful advice. The users can have a fun and a laugh time along with career and professional guidance. So, you can become familiar with the professionals and their talents regarding your problem. 


Spotify is another podcast where you will find any music or live streamings that you want to watch or listen to freely. Further, there is a wide and broader list of the episodic series of any track of your choice. 

Spotify is free to use anytime or at any place. So, no matter whether you are at a workplace place, gym, office, home, kitchen, etc. you can play the right podcast for you. Here, one can play music or other stories and search for education, life, health, business, and technology. 

It also has a premium version. Moreover, there is access to unlimited streamings of over 50 million. A user can save thousands of songs or other content in its playlist. It thus does not require an internet connection for playing music. Similarly, the series are ad-free. It works not for limited countries for anywhere. So, one can travel with it abroad. 

Google Podcast

Google itself also has discovered its podcasts lately. The google podcasts are available for Android, iPhones, and other windows. There are millions of free podcasts like music, other audios, live streamings, and much more. Also, users can transfer their data and histories from google play music to podcasts anytime. 

People can listen to music online, or they can also subscribe or download for their later convenience. Therefore, you can get the latest updates on your subscriptions. This app is also connected with the Google Assistant that will assist its user to anywhere he wants. 

Another important feature of the Google podcast is that once the music is played and left in the middle, it will be resumed for the same place where it left. Also, most importantly, there is a caption mode. So, the people who feel like it is hard to listen can read what they listen to. Further latest versions will be integrated with the artificial intelligence AI. 

Thus, this podcast has a vast diversity of podcasters, companies with one-quarter of the female hosts. Find the ones you love with the Google podcast. 

Pocket Cast

The pocket cast is one of the best podcasts that prevail in the world of gadgets, technology, music, and live streamings. Here, a person can find the best brands and his favorites across the world. Similarly, one can also catch up from where he left last time. You can also bookmark or download things freely. 

Upon your searches, this podcast makes a list of the episodes you usually watch or listen to with the notification of the time duration of the last ones. There also come the recommendations of the top played and trending content automatically. 

It is also enabled with Alexa and Sonos. Therefore, users can use smart speakers and mics with it. The podcast system syncs the devices where you use it and also provides the playback locations for ease. Similarly, one can listen to unlimited music. 

There are many customization options for the users. Also, there are theme options that a person can change according to his will. Along with the downloading option, this podcast provides auto-archiving with variable playback speed options. 

Moreover, it is compatible with Android, iOS, web player, Alexa, Apple Watch, car play, android auto, Chromecast, Sonos, MacOS, and other windows. 

The Daily Podcast

The Daily podcast is another one of the top reviewed podcasts in 2021. Usually, it works on time. So, its series of episodes is also based on time. It is the free one to be listened to anytime. Similarly, common people can also advertise with this podcast. 

Moreover, it also offers career opportunities to journalists, reporters, singers, and many others. Its main motive is to guide and provide information to its readers so that they could navigate their lives. So, its main fields are technology, marketing, newsroom, and science. 

This podcast is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems. It provides its users with the customization and downloading options. So, find the top and latest news with The Daily and beware about the happenings in the world. 


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