Wedding & Engagement Ring - Where Did They Come From?

You are engaged! There are no words in the world that could express one’s joyous feelings. When a boy gave a beautiful engagement ring, it means he is giving his love and promise to remain devoted to you for the rest of her life. The question is why a ring to profess love and devotion? Well, traditional wedding or engagement rings have a meaning behind them. Many of the traditions followed during wedding back in past centuries, exchanging of rings is considered to be one of the oldest traditions to be followed around.

Origin of the Wedding Rings

One version state that during prehistoric times, the groom would bind bride’s wrists and ankles with the grass and once the ceremony was over, he would remove that grass and tie to one of bride’s finger. The tradition got evolved from grass to rope to leather to metal bands. Another version state that during ancient Romans, the ring was placed on the third finger of the left hand because it was believed that it was veins of love which ran directly to the heart.

These traditions have been spread out in the world and now in today’s time, the fashionable custom engagement and wedding rings are high in demand across different religions and cultures. Now, the question is where did the diamond ring come from? The diamond ring sparked the trend in the year 1477 which was only afforded by rich class people. Diamonds were part of selection because of their exquisite beauty, rarity, and sparkling characteristics. And because of its indestructible quality, diamond is the symbol of forever. For both men and women, diamond is the most commonly used engagement and wedding rings.

A Meaningful Gift

It is rightly said that there is no gift greater or more meaningful than an engagement or wedding ring. Today, women proudly wear sapphire diamond rings as the gifted by their significant other for the rest of her life. However, it is very important that you pick the perfect ring and for that, you must ensure that you are fully prepared to find the perfect one.

You are very well aware that these diamond rings cost hundreds, thousands. The designers can add a pop of color to create a unique and delicate shape ring which enhance the beauty of the wearer. To make your engagement memorable, select or even customise from engagement rings hatton garden.

Wedding Rings for Men

When it comes to wedding or engagement ring often bride comes to mind and it’s a general notion that diamonds are woman’s best friend. However, they are a man’s best friend too. During ancient times in Egypt, natural material was in fashion and was exchanged between man and woman to profess their never-ending love for each other. In US, after World War II, men started wearing the wedding bands so that they kept reminiscing their wives back at home. While overseas, these wedding bands showed the commitments of military men to their wives.Now you can choose your ring from variety of different kind of rings.

Later sometime, these wedding bands become popular among civilians as well. Now, if you see in market, men’s wedding rings come in range of style and from being simple to extravagant, just like women’s rings, the customization in different styles is also available for them. After knowing about the history behind the piece of jewelry on your finger, now you won’t be able to see it same. This piece of shiny rock is more than a show off to others and now lab grown diamond engagement rings are trending. It is a much deeper and meaningful symbol of devotion and shows love that has been grown between partners through the years and will be going to last forever.


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