Understand the Feng Shui Ways of positive energy in Home

Your home signifies your personality. You should decorate your home that should reflect your dreams and energy. Your home environment should be in sync with your positive energy.

Keep looking for ideas to innovate your home from time to time. One good way is to follow the feng shui way to decorate your home. It will invite positive energy. Also, it will freshen up your home.

Ways to decorate your home the feng shui way

Basically, Feng shui is the way to study the movement and flow of the energy within a given space, such as a bedroom or a living room or an entire house.

It offers numerous benefits to the occupants and provides positive energy in the home. If you are in Ireland and face a financial constraint, you can borrow online loans and get your house renovated as per the feng shui ways.

It works on the basic principles of peace and harmony. It aims at making you achieve success and happiness in every area of your life.

Feng shui literally means “wind-water” wherein the wind scatters energy and water holds energy.

Implementing feng shui in your home

1. According to feng shui, the front door or the main door represents wealth. Hence, it should be in the best of condition. To draw energy from it, you can keep a beautiful plant or any light source on either side of the door.

2. The hall signifies an array of opportunities. To tap into the upcoming opportunities, declutter your hallway. Decluttering will ensure the circulation of energy. Shoes and coats are believed to be stagnating the energy.

You can activate the negative or positive energy called chee with proper feng shui in your home. To keep the positive vibes intact, place fresh flowers or a beautiful mirror in your hallway to uplift the energy of that space.

3. The kitchen is a very important space in the house and signifies harmony and nourishment. According to Feng shui, do not place the cooker and the sink opposite each other as it leads to a crash i.e. water and fire.

The colours of the kitchen are also of some importance. Avoid getting your kitchen painted red or black as it again can lead to water and fire crashes.

4. Do not position the cooker under the window or opposite the front door or the kitchen door as it signifies nourishment for the people living in that house.

5. Keeping your home spacious is a good thing. Do not occupy the whole space with furniture and also don not block any doors or windows with the furniture.

Keep the furniture and the living room space proportionate. By placing a lamp in the room corner, you can activate wealth energy.

6. Most people eat their food at the dining table. As per feng shui, you have to be considerate and careful while placing your dining table to concentrate mindfully on what you are eating.

The dining table is relatable to the spleen, which is related to the element Earth. The element earth is related to digestion; hence, it is essential to optimize this energy.

Place a mirror in front of the wall to reflect the positive energy. Along with this, place some fresh flowers on the dining table.

7. Your bedrooms must be a neutral colour to give you a soothing effect. Place your bed against a wall, and it should have a headboard too. You can place bedside tables on either side to get the necessary support, and your bed should not be in line with the door.

Ideally, the bed must not be in line with the bedroom door. As a couple, you can place some scented candles to introduce some romantic energy. This will help you improve your relationship with your partner.

8. Although your house overall should be clean but look after the bathroom especially. Ensure to keep the bathroom door always clean and the toilet lid down. You can place some plants to soak water and slow down the draining of wealth.

9. The front garden in your area represents your future. Hence, it should be kept clean and tidy. Keep your plant area neat and well organized.

10. The back garden represents your wealth and health. To secure your health and wealth, keep it clean and tidy. Maintain the fencing and the boundaries to gain support out of it.

11. Add greenery

Plants are an excellent way to bring positivity and hope to your house. They represent life’s energy. Adding plants to every corner of your home gets positive energy in and throws away the negative energy.

You can look out for professional support to guide you about various plants to be kept indoors.


While decorating your house according to feng shui, keep the bigger picture in focus. Keep in mind the inflow of positive energy and place all the things accordingly.


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