Twitter's History- What's Twitter precisely and why people should concern?

Twitter is a microblogging platform that allows you to receive and send tiny texts called tweets. Tweets can contain approximately 140 characters and links to related websites and resources.

Users on Twitter will follow each other. If you follow anyone on Twitter, their tweets will appear in your 'timeline.' You have the option of following individuals and organizations that share your academic and personal interests.

You can either make your own tweets or retweet information that has already been tweeted. And, retweeting enables the rapid and efficient release of knowledge to a large number of people.

Twitter's History

Ruby on Rails, a specialized Ruby programming language Web app platform, was used to develop Twitter. Its flexible user interface enables easy access to other internet platforms. Evan Williams and Biz Stone, who both operated in Google designed the service in 2006.  Engineer Jack Dorsey led the management group, then in March 2007, the final edition of Twitter launched at the South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin (TX).


Twitter has been mainly a free SMS with a social networking component since its inception. So, the stable income stream was missing. It was clear that Twitter became something like a trend in 2009, with a 1,300 percent rise in unique visitors. But, it was unclear if Twitter could gain financial independence from its venture capital backers. Twitter announced "promote tweets," which appeared in search results would be its primary revenue source, in April 2010.


Why do you use Twitter?

Academics, students, lawmakers, politicians, and the general public have all become highly interested in Twitter. Many people were unsure what Twitter was and how to use it, but it has since become the preferred social media site for many.

Twitter is commonly used by mobile users who do not want to read lengthy content items on-screen due to the snappy nature of tweets.

You can do the following on Twitter-

·         You can easily promote your research by providing links to your blog posts, journal articles, and news items, for example

·         Follow the work of other experts in your field to reach a large number of people quickly through tweets and retweets.

·         Establish connections with experts and other followers. زيادة متابعين تويتر

·         Keep up with the latest trends and news and share it with others. Reach out to new people right away.

·         Obtain feedback on your work and provide feedback to others.

·         Follow and participate in conversations about activities that you can't attend in person, such as conferences, to share who you are as a person.

What are some good topics to tweet about?

If you're tweeting as a person, an organization, a project, or a community, the type of information you send out can vary.

If you have a personal Twitter account, you may want to balance tweets about your studies with tweets about hobbies, current events, and general observations. Non-academic insights into your life will help you become a more engaging person to watch.

You may opt to only submit research-related tweets if you're tweeting on behalf of an organization, project, or community. Don't be afraid to adopt an intimate, polite, and humorous approach to tweeting because Twitter is a relatively informal communication tool.

You can tweet about a variety of topics-

·         Information about any new publications or services you've developed.

·         Your thesis has been featured in the news.

·         Any blog posts you've written should be connected.

·         Your opinions on the conferences you've attended.

·         Questions to elicit responses.

·         You've discovered some interesting news stories.

·         Photographs that are interesting.

·         Messages in response to other people's messages.

·         Other people's comments are retweeted.


Marketers should use Twitter

Twitter can be a great tool for building a following and delivering useful content to the audience before they become customers. The character limit can also help you create quick and effective ads, such as a mention of a webinar or a free e-book that your company is hosting.

It's worth noting that you can use Twitter to promote your goods or services, but only in moderation. Your primary emphasis, as with any social media marketing campaign, should be on attracting an audience with valuable content and brand recognition.

You can also use Twitter to make personal and meaningful connections with your audience. You can "like" or "retweet" someone's message if it mentions one of your products or services. Alternatively, if a customer expresses dissatisfaction with your services on Twitter, you may respond immediately to address the problem.

UserBase on Twitter

Twitter has 192 million daily active users, according to the most recent estimates from the fourth quarter of 2020. (Twitter, 2021).

This was a huge 27 percent rise from the previous year, which Twitter attributed to both current world events and their own improvement and development activities.

In terms of daily active users, the United States accounts for 55 million of Twitter's total. This accounts for 28.6% of Twitter's user base. The rest are consumers from other countries.

The number of foreign users on Twitter has risen at a faster rate than that of US users in 2020. The platform's estimated 157 million non-US users reflect a 28 percent year-over-year rise. Users in the United States, on the other hand, increased by 21%.

Twitter Time Spent on Average

The average time spent on Twitter is 3.39 minutes per session (Statista, 2019), which isn't surprising considering the short lifetime of a tweet (15 to 20 minutes). Twitter's success as a news source is on the rise, and it's one of the most common reasons people use the service. It's a common way of disseminating breaking news. Journalists account for about a fifth of all checked Twitter accounts. The bite-sized news in the form of tweets makes consumption simple and convenient. This helps to understand why Twitter users spend less time per session than Facebook users, who spend an average of 4.96 minutes per session.

Why Is Twitter So Essential To All?

The power of Twitter is the capacity for real-time communication. On this front, almost no social networking can come near. Though Facebook is attempting to compete, and Snapchat provides a new take on the trend, Twitter continues to be the best global pulse indicator and what's going on. This is the most tragic aspect of Twitter's current problems: If it is required to switch how it works and/or would its capacity, Jack Dorsey and Twitter's shareholders will not only be affected by what is happening at all times. It affects everybody. Twitter's data and the ideas we can glean from it have the potential to change the world in several ways than most people know. The main things you read about this website are Kanye West asking Mark Zuckerberg for a billion dollars and Donald Trump quoting fascist dictators, but Twitter has indeed much more essentials than celebrity gossip. Sure, it's a big component, but, it is worthwhile to know a lot from tweets. The more individuals who use it, the more valuable it becomes.


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