Top Eyelash Extensions Pros and Cons

Eyelash extensions make you feel more glamorous than you thought possible. You look like you were born with the thickest, flatteries, most perfectly curled lashes. There are no clumps, and they’re on point from root to tips. And you look that way 24 hours a day. Eyelashes extension makes eyelashes thick and voluminous.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

There are lots of ways to get longer-looking eyelashes. The simplest and least expensive is mascara.

Others include false eyelashes, eyelash transplants, permanent makeup, pharmaceuticals that promote lash growth, and even eyelash perms. To be clear, eyelash extensions don't technically fall into any of these categories.

Eyelash extensions are individual fibers not a strip of lashes. One by one or in small groups, onto your natural eyelashes to enhance the appearance of length and plumpness.

Most eyelash extensions prepare with synthetic fibers, such as nylon. They bond using various types of expert glues. Silk is another material that people prefer for making eyelash extensions. There are even mink eyelashes that prepare with natural fur. Therefore you must read about product details on print box packaging before you buy an eyelash. Then move towards eyelash extensions pros and cons.

How Eyelash Extensions Are Applied?

You don't need any degree to apply for eyelash extensions, but by no means does this imply that the procedure is easy to perform. In fact, it requires a bit of skill, and due to the accuracy it is important to place individual lashes, it is often linked to microsurgery except it's usually performed in a spa or salon by an aesthetician or technician rather than a trained eye care professional.

Most technicians apply for eyelash extensions by using two pairs of tweezers. The first pair is used to separate your natural lashes. The second pair holds the lash extension, which is dipped in glue and then placed on top of the remote natural lash. After a couple of seconds, the two will bond together.

Typically, 40 to 100 eyelash extensions are applied per eye.

Eyelash Extensions Pros and Cons:

Now that I’ve covered your questions, and I’ve experienced the whole process from start to finish, here are my personal eyelash extensions' pros and cons.


It was nice to feel a little glamorous all the time:

It’s a sign of glamour after a long day of travel and a long workout you have your natural-looking eyelashes.

Minimal Makeup Leads To a Quicker Morning Routine

On that same note, I loved not feeling the need to put makeup on every day. I usually feel naked without eyeliner on, since my natural lashes aren’t very prominent but with these eyelashes, I feel much confident. All I needed to feel put together was a little concealer under my eyes and a few putdowns of blush. That’s all.

Comfortable To Use

I typically hate fake eyelashes. I can feel the lashes, I can feel the glue, they bother my contacts, and I cannot wait to take them off. But these were so comfortable; I’d forget I even had them on. 

Perfect for Brides

Because I couldn’t feel them, these are perfect for brides. I completely get the hype now. Nobody should be worried about their eyelash extension on their big day.

It Lasts A Few Weeks

Again, this is great for brides. Refill them, and then have them on from your wedding day all the way through your honeymoon.


It’s A Time Commitment

Getting your full set on takes a while, and then you still have to go back every 2-3 week to get them refilled. This might not be an issue for some people. 

A Financial Commitment

Along with being a weirdo about my productivity, I also take my budget very seriously. You have to manage all the expenses in order to get an eyelashes extension.

Aware Of Them

Even though I didn’t have any issues, you do have to be aware of them on your face. You’ll realize how often you rub your eyes, or how aggressively you wipe your face with your towel after a shower or workout.

Don’t Use Too Much Of It

It was really fun to feel pretty with these extensions in, but as you guys know, I’m all about that self-love.  Instead, moderation is a key for me. Don’t be much use too of it that you do not like your face without it.

Now you can easily analyze eyelash extension's pros and cons. Eyelash boxes are not only available in a unique shape, but also in better size options. These boxes are also eco-friendly, recyclable, and health-friendly nature.


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