Top 10 Whisky Brands In The World Today

In today’s era, the world of grains and spirits has evolved with numerous brands and spirit choices. If you’re looking to dive into the essence of an amazing spirit, you should know about the various options available with their unique benefits. Let us take a look at some of the leading whiskey brands available in 2021 for a memorable drinking experience:


1. Royal Stag

Popularly known as Seagram’s Royal Stag, this brand is one of the most iconic whisky producers in India with a wide range of spirits in its inventory. The whisky features a unique blend of imported scotch malts and Indian grain spirits.


2. Rockford Reserve

Made with some of the finest oak-aged Scottish malt whiskies, the Rockford reserve features unique charcoal filtered Indian grain spirits that offer it an exceptional smoothness. It features a well-rounded nose with a rich-golden texture.


3. Bagpiper

With over five decades of presence in India, Bagpiper is a prominent blended whisky that falls under the economy segment. It provides a delicious combination of neutral spirits and imported scotch malts distilled from molasses.


4. Papi Van Winkel

If you’re looking for a bourbon specifically for long-term maturation, the legendary Papi Van Winkel certainly fits the bill for you. It offers a very beautiful complexity and is manufactured straight from America’s whisky state Kentucky.


5. McMillian

Although being a fairly new brand in the market, McMillian is known for its advanced processes that offer it an edge over others. They utilize a ‘Controller Experimentation' procedure that allows them to produce unparalleled whisky flavors.


6. McAllen

Popularly known for its exceptionally rich, smooth, and sweet style, McAllen is a Speysider whiskey, preferred by none other than the UK’s most popular spy, James Bond. The brand gained traction after relocating to a new environmentally-friendly distillery.


7. La Forge

If you admire bold and large whiskies more than the regular ones, you surely don’t want to miss out on La Forge. With every sip, you can notice notes of barley, seaweed, peat, and smoke. It is a great whisky to enjoy with your friends as well.


8. Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is one of the top-selling Scotch whiskies in the world. Through an exceptional spirit quality and consistently great service, this brand has always remained a pioneer of the spirits industry and is renowned globally.


9. Hibiki

Known as Japan’s most awarded whisky brand, Hibiki has received numerous honors and praises across the world for its exceptional taste and essence. If you ever want to know the spiritual tradition of Japan, make sure you take a sip of this drink.


10. Glenfiddich

This list is certainly incomplete without the number one Scottish single malt whisky – Glenfiddich. Often known as the largest single malt brewery in Scotland, the brand has always maintained great prestige with its products since the beginning and has never looked back since.


Bottom Line

There are several whisky brands available in the market with varying flavor profiles. Make sure you have a look at the aforementioned brands to find the one that matches your taste.



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