Things To Be Thankful For In Life

It is very easy to focus on things that we don’t have and cry about it all over but have you ever thought about things which you possess and you have never even felt thankful for them? 

In fact, Melody Beattie said, ‘Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.’

So what are those things which you might have forgotten to be thankful for but can follow them now for a peaceful life? Let us help you through it.

Things To Be Thankful For


  1. Good Health: Your health shall be the first thing you should be thankful for, right after waking up everyday. Even if some parts are not well or you are not completely healthy, you should be thankful for all the parts that are working and letting you breathe.

  2. Your Family: Family members are your closest kin and support you in every ups and downs for which we must be thankful.

  3. Good Friends: We must all be thankful for quality friends in life rather than quantity. 

  4. Pets: Our pets give us unconditional love in whatever mood we are and ultimately make us happy.

  5. Education: Not everyone gets to attend school and have education but if you have attended, you must be thankful for it.

  6. Home: Having a roof above your head in any form like house, apartment, mansion or even tent is a blessing in itself.

  7. Ability To Read & Write: If you are reading this blog and can write something after learning from it, you are blessed.

  8. Your Immunity: It is the reason that you are able to fight from numerous viruses and bacterias and save yourself from deadly diseases.

  9. Breathing Fresh Air: Able to breathe deeply and sensing the fresh air is one thing that you often miss to be thankful for but must be appreciated.

  10. Laughter: Without the sound of laughter, the world would become instantly sad and gloomy.

  11. Sunshine: Sunshine helps in brightening the day and killing most of the negativities.

  12. Hands & Legs: Not many of us are thankful for having hands and legs but have you noticed the pain of someone who doesn't have them?

  13. Disappointment: DIsappointment teaches you all the things that you desire and what matters to you.

  14. Fear: The fear gives you a reason to grow and explore other opportunities along.

  15. Sadness: Embrace the sadness of your life as it gives you a good idea about human emotion.

  16. Rain: Whenever it gets too warm, nature balances it with rainfall while making the environment absolutely comfortable for you.

  17. Animals: Each and every animal must be appreciated or be thankful for adding a newness and diversity on the earth. 

  18. Mobile Phone: Yes, we should be thankful for having a mobile phone with us which can instantly connect us to anyone as well as let our time go smoothly in a day.

  19. Movies: Even if you didn’t like the movie, appreciate the hard work that was put in and the amount of help it did in entertaining you.

  20. Books: It is because they add a good sense of knowledge and wisdom within you and makes you rich with knowledge.

  21. Your Job & Money: Some of us curse our jobs and less money we get out of it but one should be thankful of having one as it supports a satisfying life and encourages us to get better.

  22. Mistakes: Be thankful for the mistakes you have made as they teach you how to become a better person and avoid repeating the same again.

  23. Your Enemies: Instead of keeping a negative attitude towards your enemies, be thankful that they make you a better person. 

  24. Challenges: Challenges allow you to go out of the box and your comfort zone so that you can perform better in unexpected situations. That’s why they must be greatly thanked.

  25. Clean Water: Drinking clean and fresh water is not which every human being on this Earth is enjoying. Even if it’s a grim reality, make sure that you enjoy clean water while thanking it.

  26. Art: Don’t you want to thank art for making this world a better place? We are sure if you would focus on it, you would be thankful for it.

  27. Holidays: Holidays become a reason to enjoy our life and uplift mood and hence must be thanked.

  28. Gifts: Giving and receiving gifts is a beautiful thing in this world as it spreads joy and happiness on both the ends.

  29. Tears: Wondering why you should be grateful for tears? It is because they express much more even when you don’t have any words to describe a particular circumstance or condition.

  30. Eyesight: Seeing the world’s beauty is essentially a gift and this is why you must be thankful for your eyes and eyesight.

  31. Your Mental Health: You appreciate your mental health and take care of it and your mental health makes sure that it takes care of you positively. 

  32. Love: love makes it all meaningful and allows you to feel how you truly are.

  33. Life: Yes, life is the greatest gift filled with a plethora of emotions, feelings and thoughts. You feel lucky if you have one!



Are you thankful enough for the things you have? Have you seen the checklist above to be thankful for things? Mark a tick and say thanks to each and every one of item mentioned above and feel happiness within.


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