The simple pleasures of cake eating!

Our culinary friend is longing for cakes without frills and frosting, as she recalls eating fresh-out-of-the-oven cakes cooked by her mother. My mother is an incredible baker. She used to have a Racold oven with a lift-up lid and a round glass pane on top that became slightly foggy after years of continuous use when we were kids. That round Racold oven was the source of a million cakes or birthday cake, puddings, biscuits, and macarons, as well as practically all of my childhood joy. Because of that oven, I know what paradise will smell like if I ever get there: the warm, comforting vanilla fug of a freshly cooked cake. 

Mother Baked Cake

It's hard to believe now, but there was a time in our country when choosing between being born into a trust-fund family and being born into a home where your mother baked was a no-brainer. Because, while one could always hope that hard work or ability could approximate the kind of glitzy life one could live if they had a trust fund, nothing could compensate for a life where the only cake you were doomed to consume was whatever was on the shelf. 

Pastry Chefs and Bakers

Bakers and pastry chefs with training didn't have cake shops to offer their delicious baked delicacies back then. If you didn't live in a metro or a hill station and your mother didn't bake, your best hope for a delicious cake on your birthday was to go to the nearest halwai and purchase a milkshake but nowadays you can buy cake online and make your birthday more special. 

We were doubly fortunate. Mummy, for starters, could bake like a madwoman and did so frequently.

Different Types of Cake

Second, our grandparents lived in Delhi, widely regarded as the mother lode of cake, with several great bakeries and a hundred different types of cake. This misfortune of birth has turned me into a monster, a purist, a connoisseur, and an outspoken cake lover. I keep a knife in my purse at all times, just in case someone offers me a slice of cake. I reach for cake when I'm happy. Cake calms the ruffled edges of my emotions when I'm concerned or worried. 

The cake also makes me more appreciative of my blessings when contemplating. I whipped and licked batters, waited with bated breath, glued to the oven window until the cake had risen, opened the oven door midway to check on it, and watched the cake collapse and stabbed and licked half-baked batter with a million knitting needles and spaghetti sticks. I've baked a million cakes and eaten a trillion of them.

So, as manifested in awkward and wonderful baked cake crumbs, here are the truths of the cosmos as manifested:

1. Nothing compares to the taste of a fresh-out-of-the-oven cake. If you're the type to take a cake out of the oven as soon as it's done, you know there are only two things you can count on after that. The first is to burn yourself while handling the cake pan, as impatience and greed know no bounds. 

You won't be able to cut the cake with a knife because it will be so delicious (and slightly less sweet at this point than it will be after it has cooled) and soft and fresh. It will billow tempting clouds of scented steam towards you, and if you reach out with your greedy big fingers to scoop it out before someone else does, you will burn yourself on the hot cake pan. You can make online cake delivery in Delhi and enjoy its delicious taste with your friends and family.

2.  Frosting is not the same as cake. This appears to be a self-evident reality, but people don't seem to get it. Buying, preparing, liking, or eating cakes solely for the taste or appearance of the icing is analogous to reviewing or reading a book solely for the font. Those of you who go on about frosting should be aware that you are revealing your callousness, overall roguery, and untrustworthiness to the rest of the world the moment you do so. No one believes in you, and you should be forced to sit in a corner until you complete your barrel of icing first.

b) Cupcakes are not cakes, as a result. Cupcakes exist to seem impossible to resist, be photographed, and make people envious of Snapchat. They are not meant to be eaten; nonetheless, some individuals forget this and have to eat plywood for days to get the disgusting taste of cupcakes out of their mouths.


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