Six Tips for Trouble Free Operation of Your Digital Cotton Printing Machine

So you have decided that it is time to purchase a new digital cotton printing machine? This is the first step in fulfilling your business dreams. After all, marketing is the key to your business success. There are many types of printers to choose from including desktop, printer, offset, and digital. It is important to decide which one is the best fit for you. Here are a few things you should consider before purchasing any type of printing device.

First, establish your budget prior to you head to the marketplace for your brand new digital cotton printing machine. Setting a budget is always important because it will help you narrow your options and therefore make your decision easier. You must estimate the amount you wish to spend on a particular machine so you can narrow down your selections based on your available budget. Be sure to provide yourself with a range of options so you can make an informed decision. Remember that you may not be able to afford all the machines on the list but that doesn't mean that there are certain types of printers that are out of your price range. This also helps you not to get distracted by the hottest models on the retail shelves.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they shop for a new digital cotton printing machine is not determining the right printer for their requirements. When you plan your inventory, you should identify the function that each machine will perform. If you are looking for a full color printer then a machine that can perform basic color jobs will be perfect. If you are a graphic designer then a machine that is able to do a variety of graphic design tasks will be ideal. Once you determine the function, you can focus on the type of printer that best fits your needs.

Inkjet printer is great for small tasks such as printing a logo or simple document. However, if you need a larger format printing operation then you will require a dye sublimation printer. A dye sublimation printer operates by using heat to transfer colored ink from cloth onto paper. In the past, all printers used a pressurized needle to apply ink; however, in recent years, a new technology called ionization has been developed. In this process the electric current that is used to transfer ink is controlled by an ionic charge. The use of an ionic printer means that the printouts will be of a much higher quality than those created by a standard needle printer.

When you are shopping for a new cotton printing equipment, you should ensure that all parts are thoroughly checked for defects and problems. The most common defects involve poor ink penetration, poor print head clean system, and poor threading. If any of these issues are found during the check-up process your unit can be immediately returned to the manufacturer. However, you may also have some options to resolve the issue on your own.

Ink penetration into cotton fabrics is a very common problem and can be easily corrected. You can do this inspection yourself, using a magnifying glass and a bright light. Look for any areas that may not appear to be printed. Sometimes the ink will appear to spread on the surface of the fabric but will still appear like normal when viewed with the naked eye. If this occurs, you should try using an anti-static material such as lithium foil to help with the distribution of static charges.

Poor print head clean systems in cotton machines can be fixed by simply running the vacuum cleaner through the entire machine body. There should be no dust particles on the motor housing or in the feeder tubes. Replace the feeder tubes if they are dirty. Another way to ensure that the fabric is properly set is to run multiple passes with a soft toothbrush on all four sides of the fabric. This will remove any loose ink or dirt that has not been picked up by the ink roller.

The last and most important tip to follow when operating your machine is to make sure that there is proper degassing neg pressure system. A good D.I.Y. guide will provide this information for you in easy to understand terms.