Savvy Ways to Apologise to your Boyfriend

You need to say sorry to your man. You did something that hurt him, and now there's an emotional wedge between you that just will not seem to go away. We all make mistakes, but when those errors impact the person we love the most, it's incredibly difficult. Most likely, you just wish you could turn back time and never make a mistake. Obviously, you can't. What you can do is try and make amends and get the relationship back on track again.

When you feel the need to say sorry to your man, you're going to want to base the type of apology you make on the gravity of the situation. However, whatever may be the reason behind your conflict, your man will not be able to give you the silent treatment for much longer because you are going to apologise with style and win his affection back!

Apologising the right way

During an argument, tensions are sure to rise high. People say things they do not mean - it is the anger and hurt in them, making them want to upset other people. As such, if you have just had an argument, leave things be for the moment.

Talking it out

Arguments are natural. The thing to do here is having a clear conversation. But, there is a timeline to it. By trying to talk to him too soon after the fight, you might catch him when he is still angry. If you want to apologise, it is always important to do so when the other party has cooled down. You could show up at your partner's house with a tasty treat of assorted cupcakes and cookies.

Being humble

When you are trying to talk to your boyfriend about the argument that you both had, be prepared that he might still be annoyed at you. If that is the case, give him the opportunity to release his steam. Even if it means he raises his voice at you or starts to yell. At this point in time, you should keep your cool no matter what he says. Remember that this is his hurt talking. Once he is calmer, he will start behaving like a civilised human being. That is when you can apologise. Though you can get control over this process if you send an "I am sorry" cake ahead of time through online cake delivery in Gurgaon. That way, you start making amends before time.

Meaning it

During the apology, look him in the eye and mean it when you say sorry. He will know if you are not being sincere, and you would just end up with another argument. People can be very savvy about emotions, so if you do not mean what you say, the other party will be sure to tell that you are faking your emotions. The best way to deal with this situation is to hand him a gorgeous arrangement of flowers while apologising. If you cannot afford to purchase a bouquet of flowers, even a single flower would do the trick. As long as you are honest about the way you feel and express your emotions correctly.

If your boyfriend is still furious with you after you apologised to him profusely, you will need to evaluate how to convince him further. If cakes, muffins, chocolates and flowers fail to win his affection back and dissolve the problem, there is a good chance that the issue is deeper than it seems. You will have to then figure out a more convincing solution like sending a customised 'I am sorry' card or even plan a serenade from a professional singer. That is surely going to melt his heart away!


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