Maternity Fashion Tips for Each Trimester of Pregnancy

When it is about dressing comfortably during pregnancy, comfort and style are the two primary goals for every pregnant woman. You may purchase the right set of maternity clothes in a specific trimester, but what fits you comfortably today may feel tight and uncomfortable in the later stages of pregnancy. This happens because every trimester of pregnancy brings a new set of closet challenges. Here's how you can look and feel your best during each trimester of your pregnancy.

Trimester One is All About Camo

Dressing in the first trimester is tricky. Firstly you feel thick rather than shapely. Your bump is more of a bulge and easily mistaken for a pie and beer lunch rather than a new person in the making. Therefore you need to be thinking camouflage and not blend into the trees army-style stuff!

Certain cuts and shapes are going to ease you through these few months. Let's look at a few:


The humble tunic is a wardrobe must-have for its versatility. It can be dressed up or dressed down and will not look maternity after the ninth-month mark. Silk, embellished tunics look glamorous at night, thigh-length black numbers can talk office all day, and floaty, light-weight fabrics work beautifully with skinny maternity leggings. The only warning is for pear-shaped gals who may feel it plays up bottom heaviness too much.

#Empire Line:

Nothing is more comfortable than the empire line top or dress, which gathers under the bust and falls effortlessly to the hip, knee, or floor. It accentuates your arms and shoulders, which is very distracting for most people who won't notice your bulge!


A classic A-line dress narrow on the top flaring out to the hem is a concealer extraordinaire. Pop on a jacket and heels for the office or a cocktail party or opaque tights and a cardigan for easy weekend wear.

#Blouson Blouses:

Billowy fabric blouses can be so pretty. Wear a fitted waistband to cover the growing belly and match highly stretchable maternity pants, trousers, or a slimming maxi skirt to pack a fashion punch.

#Shift Dress:

Always in fashion, the shift dress is cut straight from the shoulders and flows away from the hips finishing above the knee. You'll wear it now and forever with your accessories dictated by the formality or casualness of the occasion.


This shape is the shift dress's more flared cousin. First introduced by YSL in the 1960s, it caused a fashion sensation and has been reinterpreted by designers ever since. It is more flared at the hips than the shift dress, so it looks best with skinny pants or skirts.

Trimester Two And It's Time to Rock Your Bump

Also known as the happy trimester, you are now probably looking decidedly pregnant rather than just that bloated look of trimester one before the "any day now" look.

Firstly, you'll need an honesty session with the mirror to decide which are your best assets and which are the parts you'd like to play down. Without identifying your new body shape, you'll run the risk of purchasing the wrong clothes and spending your happy trimester not that happy with your look.

There are a few cuts/silhouettes in maternity clothes that are universally flattering:

1) The wrap dress

2) The slip dress preferably with some embellishments at the neckline

3) V-neck tops with slimming black trousers

4) A tunic

5) Well cut maternity jeans

6) A loose-knit

And will do well as the foundation of your maternity wardrobe.

To go one step further, keep in mind these three flattering ways to accentuate your pregnant new shape:

1) A shorter hemline

2) A lower cut top

3) Heels

The shorter hemline, particularly when paired with heels, will accentuate your legs and help elongate your body. This can be a really effective strategy for shorter women but works well for most women. The deeper v-neck top creates a visual illusion of a longer neck that can be further enhanced with some long chandelier earrings for real impact.

When experimenting with your maternity clothes, try a belt under your bust to give your figure a flattering shape. Contrasting colors look fabulous in accessories, for example, a cobalt dress with a bright orange belt.

So spend some time playing with these maternity styles to find what works for you and make you feel stylishly comfortable. You don't need a thousand new pieces of maternity clothes, but you do need a bit of creativity and some fabulous accessories to make the most of what you do have. And of course, your best accessory is confidence, so shoulders back, pregnant ladies. Time to be out and proud!

Trimester Three and You're Out and Proud

Just when you didn't think your belly could get much bigger, you hit your third trimester. Of course, this is the home straight but not time to give up on the fashion stakes. So far, you've managed to eke out many looks from your minimalist maternity wardrobe, so now take it up a notch and really put on the glitz.

When you feel like your belly enters a room five minutes before the rest of you do, you can afford to get dramatic with your accessories. If you usually would wear a single bracelet, pile on a bunch of them. Big statement rings look fabulous. A bright scarf or chandelier earrings make an impact. Remember, you're 1.75 people now, so just the law of geometry tells us you can afford to be "more" with what you're wearing.

For most women, the maternity clothes you bought in the second trimester will allow you to segue into the third trimester without the need for further shopping. In addition, a lot of maternity clothes look better on a fuller belly. So no more rolling down waistbands; you will probably fill out the maternity clothing nicely by now.

If you need to buy a few more pieces because you're larger than you'd expected, look for maternity clothes to give you easy breastfeeding access. You'll also be finishing up work soon, so opt for clothes on the more casual side. They tend to be more comfortable and, therefore, easier to pull on postpartum when you're more focused on getting to know the new little person in your life than you are on which pair of jeans makes your bum look its smallest.

Most of all, enjoy this special time in your life. The third trimester is a lovely time to take it easy on yourself and bask in your pregnancy glow.