How To Say Sorry In A Subtle Way? – Steps & Tips

How To Say Sorry In A Subtle Way? – Steps & Tips

Learning how to say sorry must be a lesson taught in school. No seriously, it’s such a significant facet of every relationship. No wonder most of us find it tough to spill the word ‘SORRY’!

But Hey, you are here mate, you have made it somehow to the guide of ‘how to say sorry’. Now all you need to do is put your eyes on the different ways of how to say sorry mentioned below and comprehend them.  You’ll find everything from steps and tips to alternative words to say sorry.

So whoever is upset or angry with you right now is surely going to melt down after you say sorry in ‘your way’. Don’t worry, you are going to make it up to them. It’s all going to be fine in sometime, just hold on mate!

Okay, so we are going to start with the fundamentals. We’ll first fond the reasons why you are finding it hard to say sorry. So once you the root causes, you could work upon them diligently.

Why Saying Sorry Is Tough For You?

Well, you must definitely ask yourself this question before apologizing someone. What is it that’s holding you back from saying that simple one word – sorry? Try to scrutinize yourself. Believe me, this is a very crucial step. It will help you in your subsequent future too.

If you are not able to identify the ‘rock’ that is becoming a hurdle in your way to say sorry, the following causes might help you.

  1. Your gloomy ego is becoming a shadow over your ability to say sorry.
  2. You are very shy to speak up your feelings in front of the other person.
  3. You are under the impression that it was not your mistake at all. You blame the person in front of you.
  4. You fear that the person may not accept your apology and that might break your heart.
  5. You are not taking seriously the fact that the person opposite to you is hurt because of you. You are neglecting or ignoring it.
  6. You feel like your status/position would become low or the person opposite to you might dominate you if you say sorry. 

I’m quite sure you might have caught your root cause that stopping you from apologizing. I guess you are mature enough to eradicate that root cause from your life permanently. If you don’t do it right now, then it’ll keep becoming your hurdle in future too and consequently spoil your relationships. So, now is the time mate!


How To Say Sorry In 7 Easy Steps?

It might sound funny or surprising but many people are not even aware of the ‘correct’ way to sorry. So even if they somehow gather the courage to say sorry, their apology might not get accepted. Thus, if you fall into this category, the following steps of how to say sorry might help you.

Step 1: Accept Your Mistake

This is the foremost and the most significant step to learn how to say sorry. Some people might not accept their mistake truly and just say sorry for the sake of saying sorry. Well, the person opposite to you is not that dumb that he or she cannot identify your fake sorry. Thus, ask yourself where you went wrong and accept your fault.


Step 2: Gather The Right Words

If you simple go in front of the person, look at their upset/angry face then you certainly might get nervous or anxious and might say something wrong. This will worsen the situation. So, be prepared. Think of what exactly you are going to say, gather the right words, practice maybe and then spill your apology.

Step 3: Be Yourself & Just Say It

Don’t do something ‘over’ or something that looks ‘fake’. Be yourself and say things that come directly from your heart. Don’t memorize some sorry speech from internet or ask your friend to write a sorry letter or something.

Step 4: Hear Them Out

The person who is upset with you might obviously have some things bitter things or misunderstandings dumped in their mind. So, first of all, hear their side and comprehend what they really expect from you.

Step 5: Make Corrections

Once you both have spilled out things from your minds, it’s time to go a step further. So both of you can sit together and find solutions to your mistakes. Try to make corrections accordingly so that the issue gets resolved efficiently.

Step 6: Promise It Would Not Happen Again

This is a very crucial step amidst learning how to say sorry. Once you know what’s wrong and have corrected the mistake, make sure that you won’t repeat it again in the subsequent future. Promise the person opposite to you that it would not happen again.

Step 7: Thank Them!

Thank them for accepting your apology. They were hurt and upset; you broke their heart but yet their heart was big enough to forgive you. Appreciate this fact and truly thank them from the core of your heart.

9 Alternatives To Say ‘Sorry’

If you think that the word ‘sorry’ is the only problem, then don’t say the word, simple! There are so many alternatives to that word that have the same effect as the word itself. So you could use them up wisely according to your convenience. Look the main aim is to apologize and make things right. So what way you choose doesn’t really matter right?

So here are some effective lines that could replace the tough word ‘sorry’. Have a look and pick your line!

  1. I accept I went wrong
  2. It’s all my fault
  3. I didn’t meant to hurt you
  4. I owe you an apology
  5. I hope you forgive me
  6. I beg your pardon
  7. Don’t get wrong, it was not on purpose
  8. How thoughtless of me
  9. I regret


How To Say Sorry In A Different Way?

Sometimes to go in front of the person and directly say him or her sorry face to face becomes really tough. It happens with all of us but somehow we find ways to deal with that. But if you aren’t able to find suitable ways then you could take help of the following ideas to say sorry in a better way. You could either try one of them or maybe try using a combination of a few. But keep trying until you succeed. Have a look:

# If not verbal, then go virtual

If you find it challenging to ‘talk’ or are not able to find the correct words to talk, then use a digital method to say sorry. A video call, text messages, voice recording, phone call, etc. may somehow melt down anger and may lighten mood.


# Sorry cards anyone?

Sorry cards are the cutest way to apologize. If you are in dilemma of how to say sorry, this one’s the best method for you. You could either give them this card directly or just hide it in a place from where they could find it easily. That might really surprise them.


# Bring Their Favourites

Sometimes it’s important to create a good mood of the person to whom you are going to say sorry. And to do that, you could fetch their favourite things and offer them. It could be something as simple as their favourite food item or something huge like a their favourite phone, according to your budget.


# A warm hug says it all

Actions speak louder than words right? So if you are not able to gather the right words, just give a warm hug of love and care to the person who is upset with you. Tell them how much you mean to them and that you love them a little too much. This might definitely pacify them.


# A sorry letter is magical

If you have got good writing skills then this method of how to say sorry is apt for you. Pour down all your honest feelings and enhance them with choice of correct words. Think and write. You don’t need to write really long essays. Just be concise and true to yourself while writing a sorry letter.


# Let the eyes speak

Eyes do speak a thousand words. So, if you have got no clue how to say sorry in an effective way, let your eyes speak. For that, first you need to truly feel that you are sorry from within because only then it would reflect in your eyes. This is a very powerful way to learn how to say sorry. But it is a little tough to implement.


# Flowers & chocolates are evergreen

Yes, flowers not only work for enhancing good moods but they also help to pacify bad moods. Choose the flowers of their favourite colours and pick their favourite chocolates. Place them at their door step and boom, notice the smile of their face!


#Simply start talking randomly

Sometimes all you need to do is break the weird, gloomy silence. So, just speak. Speak whatever comes to your mind; it could be about the normal day to day things or even some gossips from college. It is quite possible that the person who is upset might take a little interest and start talking to you unknowingly. This one’s definitely a smart method to implement while learning how to say sorry.


# Book tickets

A movie ticket or an amusement park ticket or even a ticket to an awesome tourist destination would definitely fill in a little joy in the person who is upset with you. So, if you’ve got enough money you could definitely go for this method to say sorry.


# Start helping them

If you mother is upset with you, start helping her in the day-to –day chores; if your sibling is angry with you start helping him/her in studies or assignments. If you start helping the person who is angry on you, it might change their perspective to look towards you. This would also show your affection towards them.


# Take help of someone

Sometimes the person is so upset and angry that he/she won’t even listen to a single word coming from you. At those times, take help of an intermediate person who is close to both you and the other person. It’s possible that this intermediate person might cool down the anger and create a suitable atmosphere for you to apologize peacefully.


# Spill your negatives

If you are not able to say sorry, at least accept your negatives and spill them out in front of th person who is upset with you. This might unravel the fact that you are aware of your negatives and that you really wish to change yourself for good. It might make the other person feel that maybe they could help you bury your negatives.

Okay so that was it from my basket! I really anticipate that this guide might have helped you to learn how to say sorry in a subtle way. Also, don’t get nervous or think too much before saying sorry. The more you think about it, the worse it gets.

Thus, just boost your confidence, believe in yourself and speak it out. The person who is upset with you would surely accept your apology. It might not happen all of a sudden always, it might take time for them process everything. So be patient and wait for a happy ending mate!





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