How to Make Money in Retirement: 12 Fun and Profitable Hobbies

Everyone has a pastime they enjoy doing because it satisfies our soul and fulfills our need for creativity. And who does not love to make money doing something they love? We have listed ten areas in which you can try your skill and get steady business. You can either opt to freelance, build an audience, become an affiliate, or start your own brand.

Design and illustration

First up on our list is design and illustration which is lucrative and can be done from home. Which makes it ideal for the ongoing pandemic situation. Fiverr is a great platform to start from. It features a lot of new artists with different illustrative styles. Clients post their projects on Fiverr and the artists suited for the requirements can apply. The projects can either be custom art or marketing material or a combination of both.


Writing has the huge potential to be sold as a service. Freelance is available at online platforms like Upwork or blogs can be directly reached for paid pieces. If you have a good command of diction and got niche expertise there are chances of high demand.

With enough self-discipline, you can also start a blog yourself. Anything from cooking to Advantages of Technology in Business can be chosen as a niche. Just make sure it is something that you have ample knowledge of. Over time the audience will build up and business will thrive.


This is also a great way to earn cash if you possess a good camera and have some innovative ideas. Freelance photography is one way to do it. But you will also be limited to working at gigs and events. Which does not make it a steady source.

For a more permanently running income your shots can be sold as prints or stock photos. Instagram is also a remarkable platform to grow a huge following and then monetize your talent. One thing needed is a common theme or topic that runs through all your pictures. A cohesive appearance tends to draw in more audience.


Did you know that you can even sell music? Well, we are here to tell you that you surely can. There are several ways you can direct this hobby into a lucrative machine.

Firstly, you have the traditional strategy of making your own music and selling it. You can record individual songs or create a whole album and sell it on your website. Or even host it on a music platform such as SoundCloud.

There is also the option of creating different sound recordings which are not actually songs, like samples or beats. There is a good range of sites to which you can publish them for payment. These include Airbit and BeatStars.


In this social media-ruled era culinary has become a form of art worthy of taking creative pictures. Your cooking adventures can be shared with the world in more than one way to earn money.

You can start a blog about it, YouTube channel, or create an Instagram account for recipes. A line of your own cooking and food products can also be launched.

The market research done by our team at assignment writing service highly recommends this hobby as extremely lucrative. It has a lot of scope for expansion and allows you to turn towards any number of new directions.

DIY crafting

If you are a hands-on kind of person then this hobby is for you. There is no end to the things you can make and sell like jewelry, soap, candles, and more. Their industry for DIY is currently at a raging $40 billion so give those brain cells free rein.

Handmade products convey quality, uniqueness, and special attention. Which is valued by consumers more than store-bought products. You can start by testing out your products in the market by selling small scale to friends and family. Etsy is also a great platform for your creative endeavors.


There has been a spike witnessed in the popularity of gardening in the wake of coronavirus. Staying at home has allowed people to give more time and thought to plant. It is a hobby which can not only make you richer but also healthier and happier. According to a survey millennials are spending $13billion on succulents and other plants every year. Join in to earn a tidy sum if you are into this hobby as well.


Ah, a big mug of coffee sounds perfect just about now. It is our motivation to get out of bed every day. What if we told you, it is also an effective source for making cash? 400 billion cups are consumed worldwide annually which fuels a $60 billion industry. Grab the opportunity and provide these consumers with their favorite brews in return for creating an ever-lucrative business.


A good dose of laughter is something desperately needed in our busy lives. Making people laugh is an excellent talent and a creative source of income. Build your audience on social media by providing them hilarious relatable content. After gaining a sizable audience you can turn to create your own merch with your printed punchlines.


Platforms like Twitch and YouTube allow live streaming while you play your favorite games. Enabling gamers to earn money by sharing in the ad revenue. You can also earn through the subscription and one-time donations from the viewers. It needs a strong commitment to earning a significant income from this hobby. But if done right it can be worth your while.


We are sure that you can find a hobby among these which you pursue already. Our essay writing service cheap and reliable guiding source if you are a student. With our help, you lessen your academic burden and follow your business dreams. Your hobbies can be transformed into something worthy of people’s attention and money. Just polish your skills to match the demand and requirements of the current industry.


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