How To Find The Best Hardwood Floor Contractor In Your Area

There are many options for flooring. You can choose tiles or laminate, but there is no competitor of hardwood in terms of classic status and undying grace. These seasoned boards get a new life each year. The more scraping they get, the more characteristic they become.

It is important to find a competent professional to do all the work. This is the defining part of the whole process. If you nail it, all other things fall into their places.

In this post, we will go through a comprehensive guide that will help you in finding the best general contractor for hardwood floors in your area.

Get Detailed Estimates

It is hard to find the best candidate when you are operating in a vacuum. The best course of action is to pit one against the other and select the one that offers more value for your money.

Getting a written estimate is not enough. You need to determine which contractor is putting more into the floor and not in the overhead and labor fee and other costs. In addition to that, ask them to give a breakdown of the complete process.

If you find something fishy or your gut instincts sense some trouble, steer clear of that contractor. If there is a procedure in the estimate that you are not aware of, ask the contractor and demand reference from the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Once you get this step, it is fairly easier to assess other aspects of a competing company and make the right choice.


Paperwork does not end with getting an estimate in writing, it actually starts. After initial scrutiny, it is time to formalize all the verbal and written promises and claims up to that point.

In the process of drafting the contract, tally all the clauses of demand with the written estimate and other dealings you had agreed upon with the hardwood floor contractor. List all the products and steps of the procedure to ensure transparency and quality of work.

It is a common practice among parties to add a penalty clause in the contract. Variables such as deadlines, product quality, and other related things are often staked against penalty.

Payment System

Signing the check for the complete amount at the time of signing the contract is not a good idea and becomes a costly mistake.

Contractors for hardwood floors often demand payment on these occasions. At first, try to postpone any payment at this point of work. There is another simpler way to pay the contractor.

Make three installments;

  • A 30% of the payment will be paid at the time of signing the contract
  • The next 30% will be paid once all the materials arrive at the site
  • The rest of the 40% will be paid once the job is done

This payment structure will ensure that the contractor is not shirking his work and not skirting away from taking responsibility for his job.

Scrutiny Of References

Any established general contractor will have multiple hardwood flooring clients who are satisfied with the job. Ask for at least three references. Companies showcase their best work so it is easy to contact those references and know more about the contractor.

Make sure the references are both recent and old to get a balanced idea of his work. Drive-by to the location if possible or get pictures of the work to assess the quality and craftsmanship of the contractor.

Licensing & Insurance

There are chances of breakage and injuries while the crew works at your place. Before signing the contract, make sure to have a close look at the license and declaration page of the insurance.

Also, inquire about the legal place of the crew in the company, either they are permanent employees or sub-contractors. This affects the insurance claim and its coverage. Have a detailed talk about this aspect of paperwork before hiring that particular contractor.

A hardwood floor will raise the aesthetics bar in your house. It is also durable and can last years without the need for staining or polishing. It is necessary to do research and take all the steps in the right direction to get the best person at the helm of the project.


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