How Can You Dress Like A Professional Surfer? Know More

If you like to dress like a surfer, then you need to have all the correct ingredients for the same. Being a surfer is all about enjoying the waves and making yourself look comfortable and cool. Since surfing is a rigorous activity, you’ll need to wear clothes that have a relaxed fit, so that you can enjoy your stay on the beach and the sunny weather. 

Therefore, to help you know the items that you need to transform yourself into a proper surfer, we have created this in-depth guide. Let’s jump right into it. 

The Things You Need To Dress Like A Surfer

  • Board Shorts

It’s quite difficult to emulate the surfer style without wearing a pair of board shorts. According to a popular clothing store for Deus Ex Machina in the UK, these shorts are usually surfboard swimming friendly and you can also wear them all day long. They are also known as ‘swim trunks’. They fall below or up to your knees and are made from cotton blends. 

Board shorts don't have an inner lining and you'll only find a drawstring at the waist. Moreover, these shorts are only made for casual wear, to be used during surfing or swimming. 

  • Sandals

Once you've obtained your pair of board shorts, it's time to obtain some sandals or flip-flops. During surfing, you'll see people going shirtless but sandals & board shorts remain constant. Sandals don't necessarily mean only flip-flops as you can also obtain other types such as slides.

When buying sandals, look for water-resistant materials along with the material being sturdy enough to walk through sand and water. Try to invest in a high-quality pair of sandals because you can expect your sandals to receive a sufficient amount of wear & tear. Moreover, you can find them in a bunch of colours as well. 

  • Graphic Shirts

Since the climate varies significantly across the entire world, you’ll see surfers wearing different types of shirts in different parts of the world. For example, if the weather is too hot, then you’ll see surfers wearing tank tops, while if the weather is a little chilly, then you see people wearing long-sleeved t-shirts. 

We suggest wearing graphic tees because they provide a different type of look and feel to your overall style. 

  • Sunglasses

To complete your surfer look, you need to obtain a colorful pair of sunglasses. Ensure that they're polarized and mirrored. The sunglass will help in blocking the UV sunlight from reaching your eyes and thereby protecting the same. Moreover, they should be cheerful, vibrant and showcase what the surfer culture is all about. 

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