Find the Perfect Attire for Yourself to Shine in a Hawaiian Party

Life in Hawaii is lived in a cool and calm manner. Parties and fun-loving gatherings are commonplace in these beautiful islands. People love decking up for beach parties or Luaus, which puts another layer of magic to the liveliness of the Hawaiian culture. 
If you are new to these luaus or unsure what is to be worn for the parties, do not worry. You can try several options that will easily get you mixed with the vibe of Hawaiian clothing.  

Life in Hawaii

What Makes a Perfect Hawaiian Style?

When it comes to Hawaiian parties, there are ways in which you can get dressed in a perfect Hawaiian style. 

The Prints You Wear Should Be Colorful

Very few places on earth have the same natural appeal as Hawaiian islands do. The greenery of the plants and trees, the blue of the sky and ocean and the dark volcanoes bring out nature in all its vibrancy. As luaus are mostly held outside or near the beaches, wearing colourful prints can fit the occasion quite well. In a sense,  it would be a perfect blend of the colourful nature around you. 

Dresses for Women

It is mostly the women who bring fashionable charm to any party. In terms of luaus, Hawaiian dresses for women do not have to be over-studded or formal. Maxi dresses go quite well for a Hawaiian party. These maxis are light and easy to carry and, therefore, will not hinder your enjoyment in the dance and fun. To give an added expression, wearing light, vibrant colours like yellow, blue, orange, etc., would be best. Sundress and bikinis are the other alternatives you can try. A sundress with floral patterns along with a floral garland on your ear will give you a complete Hawaiian look. 

Clothing for Men

Hawaiian Shirt

For men, a perfect Hawaiian dress for party would be Hawaiian shirts and shorts. The simple reason for this is that the shirts look both vibrant and are quite comfortable to wear. The best part about these shirts is that there are many exquisite designs to choose from. No matter what your age, anyone can blend in with the Hawaiian shirts, including women. Aloha shirts have become a trademark of Hawaiian fashion and are widely used in both parties and travelling. 

The Lower Garment
In comparison to the upper garment, the lower ones are pretty easy to choose. Depending on the weather, you can go for shorts or slacks. If the party takes place on a day when it is rainy, or the temperature is slightly on the cooler side, slacks would be the better option. But if the day is hot and there is no sign of the weather cooling down, you will be much more comfortable in shorts than slacks. So, it all comes down to the weather. Not that you can’t wear slacks on a hot day. It all depends on your comfort level and taste. 

Clothing Accessories 

For Hawaiian parties, clothing accessories are generally kept to the minimum. For instance, men do not need to carry anything other than a hat and sunglasses to protect them from the sun and make a style statement. When it comes to women, apart from sunglasses and hats, carrying a handbag also goes well with their dressing. 

In terms of footwear, slippers and sandals are the preferred choices for men and women respectively. 

You are all set to make a perfect entry to a Hawaiian party with these garments and clothing accessories. The major advantage you will have with these attires is that they will represent the Hawaiian culture and be comfortable to wear at the same time.


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