Everything you need to know before going to a tanning salon

Sunbathing and tanning beds are capable of damaging your skin in the long run. The consequences include leathery skin, wrinkles, sun spots, dry skin, and more. Believe it or not, these aftereffects can even lead to skin cancer. But don’t all of us have the inner wish of getting a sun-kissed, beachy glow to match the summer vibe? Some of us have already been to the tanning salons and resorted to a UV free tanning session!

Be it a good experience or a bad one, all of us remember our first airbrush tanning experience. Some of you might have been a teen back then when you decided to go for an airbrush tan, knowing little about how to prepare for it. You must have had days when you looked blotchy post-application. Horrifying experience or not, you must look up a few tips before your next appointment. It helps you prepare in a much better way and avoid unfavorable circumstances. Click here, if you are confused about picking the perfect level for your tan.

A self-tanning bottle is easy to pick up from any drugstore or a local chemist nearby, but you must turn to experts if you aim for better results. They shall provide you with relevant tips and advice, irrespective of what method you use for a spray tan. These tips help you make sure your skin is prepped and ready before your airbrush tanning. If you have moisturized and exfoliated skin, then the spray tan appears evenly applied on the skin. The clean and new skin registers the pigment well, holds it much better, which helps in long-lasting color. The natural fade occurs much later. Below you will find 10 tips to use before going to tanning salon.

Top 10 tips to what you must do before visiting the tanning salon -

1. Gentle Exfoliator

Exfoliation means removing dead skin cells. These dead skin cells are removed from the top layer of your skin. Exfoliation can be done in several ways. You can apply a liquid exfoliator, or scrub with an exfoliation tool or a granite substance. Scrubbing is recommended; you must scrub your entire body to remove the dead skin. It softens the dry patches on the surface of your skin. But you must make use of a gentle exfoliator, or scrub in tender circles on the body, to get a smooth surface on your skin. It helps in even application of the airbrush tan.

2. Shaving before the appointment

Hair removal before your appointment can help you achieve smoother skin. Shave or wax everywhere before you visit the salon. Small stubbles can create buildup at the follicle. In fact, shaving can be considered an exfoliation method as it removes dead skin cells. The hair can block the spray tan from spreading evenly on your body. Shaving or hair removal after the airbrush tan can lead to the removal of an airbrush tan, which will lead to your tan fading faster than intended.

3. Moisturizing before and after the appointment

Moisturizing your skin should be a part of your skincare treatment. Moisturizing your skin before and after your airbrush tanning appointment will help keep your skin hydrated and plump. Although, moisturizing right before an appointment is a strict no-no as oils and creams can pose as a barrier between your skin and the pigment. It is advisable to develop a moisturizing routine beforehand and skip the moisturizing on the day of the tanning appointment. Moisturizing after the tanning will help prolong the tanning effect. Keep up the routine you developed before the visit. Dry skin will make your color fade more quickly.

4. Avoid Make-up & Cosmetic Products

Any layer of skincare product or cosmetic products will pose as a barrier between the surface of your skin and the pigment. It is not advisable to put on make-up before your airbrush tan appointment. On the contrary, you must keep your face clean and free of dirt for even application. You may carry wet face or body wipes if you do not find the same at the salon. 

You must be extra careful in handling an airbrush tan appointment and get further tips if your skin is already pale.

5. Stripping

Airbrush tanning is a full-body spray procedure. Come mentally prepared for being asked to strip entirely for the same. If you are comfortable with having tan lines, you can prefer to keep on a bathing suit or underwear. Your comfort is of significance.

6. Removal of accessories

It is obvious you cannot keep on your accessories, including those little earrings or any necklaces of any kind. If you are stripping off your clothes, then the removal of your accessories goes without saying. Keeping your accessories on will give you unnecessary tan lines that do not look pretty later.

7. Painting of your nails

Paint your nails before your airbrush tan appointment. The color is of no relevance. You can even apply a simple clear coat as well. Do you want a tan on your nails? The nail paints keep the pigment off your nails and stop them from getting tanned with your body.

8. Loose clothing

When you visit your tanning salon, remember to wear something comfy and loose, like a sundress or any other lightweight fabric. Your type of clothing is important for when you are finished with your session. Wearing tight dresses might rub off your spray tan, while light-colored tight clothes can get damaged because of the color rubbing on your clothes. It is not just the clothes. The places where those clothes are severely tight can lead to fading off the pigment on your skin. It can lead to color patches on your body.

9. Avoid going out

After your appointment, you must wait for a good five hours until you take the next shower. The spray tan may look fresh and dry, but it takes a while to settle on the skin. Showering quickly might lead to the removal of the pigment, which will eventually lead to the wearing off of the pigment from your skin rather quickly. Since the smell of the chemical from the product will also be afresh it is best to avoid having social plans post your appointment.

10. Avoid working out

We recommend you not to hit the gym after an appointment. You shall sweat when you work out. Taking a shower cannot be on the cards as we just mentioned. If possible, not just five hours, wait a full day for the pigment to settle on the surface of your skin. Be patient before you perform any intense sweat-releasing activity or run down a shower after getting your organic spray tan on you.

Summing Up

Airbrush tanning is an experience desired by all. You must pay extra attention to the health of your skin before you make any hasty decisions. Trust us; you get a much better glow on your skin if you pay close attention to those tips mentioned above!


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