Different Ways To Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

History repeats itself. We are again under lockdown. By now, we all have become used to it. We know all the recipes to try, the crafts to try, and books to read. Maybe we will do nothing and just Netflix and chill because it’s the second time we are facing it, and we are so done with it. Right? But, now, when we all are left with no other option, let’s do something to make the home-quarantine period as fun and fulfilling as the last was. This time, we have got you some tips to pamper your loved ones—easy and effortless ways to just keep everyone around smiling and not missing the regular routine.

  1. Help Clean The House:

    Now, when the whole family is going to stay indoors for a time with nothing to do, mom comes up with the idea of cleaning the home. If she has to do it all on her own, she will bring the house down with her anger and jeers. It’s better to make it a fun activity. Help your mom, and she will feel good. What can you do?

  • Play Music and work. If you have an echo dot, that’s the best. Change the song with just a voice.
  • Distribute work among the family members. One can do the broom, one dishes, and one mop.
  • In between, you all can shake a leg or use the broom handle as a mike.

2. Spend Time with Dad:

This is the best time to spend some quality time with your dad. He may be sad because of financial crises, or he has to sit home again without work. Sit and talk with him. Share his load. Learn from his experiences. He indeed has some interesting stories to tell and share. Fathers don’t express, but they feel good witnessing their child all grown up and responsible.

  • Wake up early at his time and share a cup of tea.
  • At night, when everyone is asleep, and your dad is watching tv, go sit with him and see old movies.
  • Morning walk in the balcony or home garden with him.

These are the techniques to break the ice with him and encourage him to pour out everything. You know how dads are.

3. Laugh With your Grandparents:

Got grandparents at home? Well, it is the most challenging time for them. In their long span of years, they have never witnessed something like this. It is unnatural for them. Moreover, you all are busy with your work from home; they have nothing to do. They feel lonely. Do take care of their health, physically and mentally.

  • You are done with Youtube recipes. Try some of your Grandma’s recipes. Unearth her kitchen secrets.
  • Bring your grandfather a Saregama Caravan to pass his time.
  • Play cards, board games or learn games they used to play in their childhood.

4. Help Your Siblings:

If you have a sibling at home, help them with studies, college projects or jobs. up If your sibling has lost a job due to a pandemic again, boost up his morale and help him /her find a job or pursue the passion

  • Sit with your sibling and work together on studies
  • Motivate your sibling to earn a skill, enroll in online classes
  • Do take up an activity together

5. Celebrate Life:

We all are dealing with uncertain times. Circumstances have been unfair to us. Let’s not forget to celebrate life. Enjoy what you have, and be grateful for a roof over the head, loving and safe family at home.

  • Eat meals together
  • Celebrate birthdays, Mother’s Day, Raksha Bandhan and all upcoming events with great enthusiasm. Decorate the house, bake a cake, order online or handcraft mother's day special gifts, birthday gifts. Play games and have fun.
  • Stay Tension Free.

Reminder, be gentle towards yourself and your family. In these times, all you have is them.