Differences: Boot Cuts, Flared, Straight, And Skinny Jeans

Women's jean styles tend to be more varied than men's jeans. Not only are there different styles and designs available, but there are variations that include variety in inseam or hem length to front jean design. And also variation in waist style (paper bag jeans, sailor jeans).

Shopping for jeans is sometimes quite confusing with all the terminology. It's difficult to figure out what the different styles of jeans look like. For example, someone might be talking about bootcut jeans, but you are fully blank about what they are talking about, or you might have mixed one pair of jeans with another. So, here is a quick reference to decode all the styles of jeans and what are their differences so you can find the perfect pair for yours from trendy women's clothing.

Bootcut jeans

A popular jeans style since the 1990s, and it is still popular today, along with skinny jeans. It is jeans similar to straight but not entirely. Fit at the waist and slightly low at the knees to accommodate a boot. It's not entirely straight-leg or flare-legged jeans; it's in the middle. They are tight along the thighs and leg bottom, typically open. 

Bootcut jeans look great on all body types. It creates curves on straight shapes and balance curves for an hourglass body shape. They look gorgeous on curvy women. Petite women should opt for bootcut jeans to style with trendy tops over flared one. 

Straight leg jeans 

Straight-cut jeans are straight from the hip, thigh, and to the hem; they are slightly tapered legs. It is somewhere between skinny jeans and loose boyfriend-fitting jeans. Straight jeans have a fit and relaxed fit through the hip and thigh, and it elongates your legs and is the best alternative to skinny jeans. Women with muscular thighs can have a skinny look with straight-leg jeans. 

Skinny jeans 

Skinny jeans mean exactly as the name implies; they are tight and skinny. Skinny jeans are body-hugging from waist to all the way down. These jeans are popular to style with ankle boots for a nice polished look. They were popularly worn with leg warmers over the bottom portion of jeans in the 1980s. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and other band singers have worn these skinny-style jeans. 

They are also known as cigarettes, pencil legs, tapered legs, and skinny pants. It looks adorable on hourglasses, petite, or any body type that has slim legs. Women's western wear boutique has a nice collection of skinny jeans, from regular ones to distressed ones. Get yours now at an affordable rate.

Note: Boyfriend jeans are similar to skinny jeans, except they have wide circumference around thighs. They are meant to be baggy at thighs with hems rolled up. 

Flare leg jeans 

Flare jeans for women are known as bell bottoms too. They are wider from the knees down and it forms a "bell-like" shape of the pant leg. They are fitted around the thigh area and have a loose bottom. Flared jeans vary in degree of jeans-style that can have moderate flare to an exaggerated flare. Depending on the manufacturer and consumer taste, you can opt for any style.

Get a subtle look with narrower flare and a dramatic look with wide flare jeans. It is also rumored that sailors first wore it. And in the 1990s, marketers preferred to call them flare jeans instead of bell-bottoms. It flatters very well on curvy women as it balances the proportions and creates an hourglass shape. 

Tip: If you have wide hips, avoid wide flares as it makes your legs appear shorter. 

Wide leg jeans 

Wide legs are loose through the thigh and widen as you go down from your knee to the hem. The entire length of the pants has a wide circumference. Unlike bootcut style and flared jeans, the cut varies from straight to flare leg. The style is comfortable as it is loose from all types of jeans. It is one of the great styling options for any body shape of women. 

It completely covers a person's shoe and drags on the floor with completely wide legs. It is also called baggy pants or hip-hop-style jeans. A petite, plus-size figure can flatter their figure best with a medium-width hem flare. 

Wrapping up:

Like the paint fills the blank canvas, the perfect jeans-style sculpts the shape of our body. Make a statement and evoke the look you want to convey by getting the perfect pair for you from a trendy women's clothing boutique. The style, cut, and finishes of jeans all contribute to the variety of looks available in jeans. These elements, along with the basic types of jeans that are described, make any body type look good. Now you know the basic difference so, pick up the best pair suited to your shape and style. And now shop with great confidence! 



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