Choose the Right Storage Box During Relocation

When you are relocating, all that keeps you awake is that how to store your belongings and keep them dry and damage-free during the transit. Here are a few quick tips to consider when you are choosing moving boxes for your upcoming relocation.

Before you choose the cheap storage boxes, ask yourself these questions.

What you will be storing, if the items are fragile, how valuable are the items, where will you be storing them, for how long will you be storing, how often you would need to use these stuffs and so on. A clear answer to these questions will help you choose the storage containers better.

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

The most versatile and economical option, cardboard moving boxes, as the name suggests, are right for relocating and taking care of your storage requirements as well. But being pulled in out now and then and taped and re-taped, cardboard can get worn out soon. Also, these cardboard boxes are good for temporary usage, because they won’t save your things from rodents or bugs, more so you are storing the boxes in your attic or garage.

But yes, they are indeed a great budget-friendly choice for storing things indoors, or even inside a wardrobe or closet.

Plastic Bins

Plastic bins, for obvious reasons, are pricier than cardboard boxes and can be used to store goods for a much longer period of time. Apart from that, plastic boxes are sturdier and will last for years, and would also protect your things from heat, humidity and moisture. They are easily stackable and you need not use any sticking tape to close them. These are very handy and you can easily reach out to things that you need regularly. If you are moving into a new house, plastic bins would be the ideal cheap storage boxes for you to have your space organised.

Specialty Boxes

For things like television sets, microwaves or dishware, specialty boxes are designed to fit specific products. These boxes ensure that the products aren’t damaged because of the special inserts that come along with these boxes so that the goods are not damaged. Specialty boxes for clothes called the wardrobe boxes are very helpful. These are tall boxes that allow you to hang your clothes vertically and make sure they don’t get creases or get folded on their way from one place to another.

Labelling is of Utmost Importance

Make sure you do enough labelling on your boxes and keep a track of the number of boxes so that they are not lost in transit. Trust us, these will make your life so much easier because all of them cannot be miscellaneous boxes. There may be 1-2 but the rest will either contain clothes, upholstery, books, utensils etc, separately. Also, DO NOT forget to label those boxes which will contain even one breakable item that is fragile. Sort out and group similar things so that none of the boxes is super heavy.

How to Organise Boxes in A Storage

  • Create a Storage Inventory

It is always a great idea to create a storage inventory on your smartphone or laptop or even in a notebook (like me) if that is what satiates you. Keeping all the things together will save much of your unboxing time, and help you not to make things messier.

  • Mix Up the Different Sizes of Boxes

Mix the container sizes to maximise the space. Extra-large boxes of bedding would be easier to carry than an extra-large box of books. You can place little fragile items in between your bedding-filled box to keep them safe during transit.

  • Strategical Placement of Boxes

Place the boxes with the heaviest gears and non-fragile items at the bottom, next comes the medium-sized boxes and keep the boxes with fragile items at the top. Do not place anything atop these boxes.

With these tips, your shifting should be smooth and easy. Try these out and let us know if these were helpful.


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