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Smoking or tobacco smoking is one of the largest threats to health in the world when we talk about lifestyle and health in general.


Smoking has become paper and parcel o lifestyle of many young adults and the age and if they couldn't smoke for a day they don't feel normal with their stay since they are addicted to it.


The producers of cigarettes and marijuana knows the health implications of smoking on the health of the individual who involves themselves into this act.


These products are in different categories including bond 7,gold and so on and if one could actually check on these products,it was written boldly on them that 'Smoking is Harmful' and the question one should be asking him or herself do these smokers read these instructions before using them?


Yes it should tell you that smoking has harmful effects on the human which affects the brain,lung, kidney,heart and the entire human body system which causes weakness in men and women,death and to mention a few.


According to statistics and facts from the World Health Organization (W. H. O),more than 8 million people die annually due to tobacco consumption by the individuals and these includes world class working forces (youths) and the aged.


 According to WHO,more 7 million of these deaths are directly caused by the use of tobacco and approximately 1.2 million are non-smokers,but they did from the direct exposure from passive smoke.



It was estimated that about 98-100 million people from the act of smoking prematurely and it has been confirmed that almost 15% of of global death and smoking kills half of its users.



In the case of passive smoking, about 1 million people in Ghana notdied every year. So, smoking kills. However, 2 lakhs of them died from smokeless tobacco consumption.


All forms of tobacco are harmful to the human body system or immune system, either smoke or smokeless. The most common form of tobacco consumption is smoking cigarettes and marijuana.


Smoking is not only a public health threat but an economic threat also. The WHO suggested that 80% of the 1.3 tobacco consumers are belonging from low to middle-income countries.


 It is very understandable how harmful its impact worldwide


 Dangerous effects of smoking tobacco


Everywhere you go to in the world, you will about the harm smoking posses injuries,challenges to one's health and it is true.


Smoking or chewing tobacco leads to a variety of complications to our health. It can promote various health issues over several years, while some of them are immediate.


It is dangerous for us, and there is no safe way to tobacco consumption, whether it is a cigarette, hookah, pipe, or any chewable form.


Various tobacco harmful effects are present here. It can damage almost all the body parts and gradually leads us toward death.



Here are some the harmful effects of smoking


 Smoking Causes Cancer


Another dangerous, and harmful effect of smoking is cancer.


A cigarette is responsible for increase the risk of lung cancer, which is 25 times greater in men, and 26 times for women.


The most common cancer in the world is lung cancer. According to the CDC, 9 out of 10 death due to lung cancer are linked to smoking.


Tobacco contains more than 4000 harmful chemicals, which are carcinogenic compounds including cyanides, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, benzene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), etc.


The smoking lungs are vulnerable to these carcinogens and lead to cancer.


They carcinogens promote gene mutation, increase DNA damage, or disrupt the DNA repairing process. All of these lead to lung cancer also.


Not only lung cancer, but cigarette smoking can also increase the risk of mouth, and throat cancer, pancreas and liver cancer, kidney and bladder cancer as well as cervical cancer.



i. Smoking Causes Respiratory Damage

The major harmful effects of smoking are damaging our respiratory system in several ways.


Every time we inhale tobacco smoke through cigarettes, pipes, or cigars, various toxic substances enter the lungs, release into the bloodstream, and spread to every vital organ in the body.



Harmful Effects of Smoking

Smoking damages lungs


 Tobacco leaf contains nicotine and numerous harmful chemicals.


When the leaf burns, release more than 4000 harmful gases including carbon monoxide (CO), and nitrogen oxides (NOx). 


Smoking damages alveoli of the lungs, and reduces the surface area of gasses exchange.


Due to alveoli damage, oxygen, and carbon dioxide exchange become harder, and little oxygen can pass into the blood. It is known as emphysema.


Not only the lungs, but smoking also damages the trachea, bronchus, bronchioles, etc.


These harmful chemicals damage the lining of bronchial tubes, break cilia, and reduce their mobility. Generally, cilia pushing out pollutants from the lungs through mucus.


Regular smoking decreases the proper works of cilia, and the airways become clogged with mucus. The result is difficult to breathe, and known as chronic bronchitis.


Emphysema and chronic bronchitis


 together cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), it is a critical health issue when the patients gradually lose breathing ability, and there is no cure.


Smoking damage the lungs indirectly also. Due to COPD, the lungs become more vulnerable to any other infections, pollution, and the risk of respiratory failure increases a lot.


iii. Smoking Causes Heart Diseases

Other tobacco harmful effects are heart diseases. Cigarette smoke can damage our entire cardiovascular system.


When nicotine carried in the bloodstream, it stimulates the release of adrenalin hormone, which responsible for increasing blood pressure.



On the other hand, nicotine with carbon monoxide damages the inner lining of the arteries and increases plaque deposition in the damaged site. It is known as atherosclerosis.


The atherosclerotic plaque becomes larger, and narrows the arteries, reduces blood flow, leads to severe heart blockage.


The plaque formation also reduces oxygenated blood supply in the heart muscles, which turns into ischemic heart disease as well as a heart attack.


Additionally, smoking is responsible for platelet aggregation in the damaged arteries and promotes blood clotting.


Increased carbon monoxide binds with hemoglobin by replacing the oxygen, and leads to oxygen deprivation with shortness of breath.


The harmful effects of smoking create impacts on the peripheral vascular system. It increases peripheral vascular disease (PAD) by deposition of plaque in the large artery of arms and legs.


PAD also increases the risk of angina (chest pain), blood clots, stroke, and heart attack.


Risk of Type-II Diabetes

Increasing the risk of type-II diabetes may be a side effect of tobacco.


Regular consumption of tobacco may develop insulin resistance, and trigger diabetes.


On the other hand, pancreatic cancer due to tobacco can lead to high blood sugar.




vi. Pregnancy Complications


According to the CDC, developing pregnancy complications is a critical harmful effect of smoking.


It affects the growth of the fetus in several ways.


Smoking can lead to ectopic pregnancy, premature delivery, and sudden death of a fetus.


On the other hand, during pregnancy, the harmful chemicals of tobacco may generate teratogenicity, damage the nervous, and respiratory system of the fetus.


Smoking also contributes to some congenital abnormities, such as cleft lip.



vii. May Induce Infertility

Smoking tobacco can induce infertility in both men and women.


In the case of women, tobacco can damage female reproductive health and makes pregnancy difficult.


On the other hand, smoking increases the risk of erectile dysfunction in males. It also reduces sperm quality and induces infertility.


viii. Effects on Digestive Health

People who smoke 2-3 times a day, more vulnerable to cancer in the digestive system.


According to the American Cancer Society, pancreatic cancer is more common in regular smokers.


Yes, it is true, smoking kills. Several side effects are present from the heart to the gut, from the brain to the lungs.


Millions of people are dying due to smoking, or tobacco consumption in various ways. Those who are not dying, suffering from many diseases.


The number of cancer patients, respiratory illness, heart diseases are increasing day by day.


The harmful effects of smoking also affect those who do not smoke through passive smoking.


Not only our body, but smoking also harms the environment, poisoning our breath.


The only solution is to stop all these harms, quitting smoking. It may difficult to quit smoke, but not impossible. 


There are several prescription and non-prescription medications that can help you. Lots of benefits of quitting smoking are present, such as lower cancer risk, healthy heart, improved oral health, and many more.


So, try to quit smoke for your better health. Say no to tobacco.



Tobacco smoke also promotes asthma attacks.


Thank You.


We will wait for your valuable feedback. How this information will help you quit smoking, please tell us in the comment box.


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