Blackout Curtains - The Best Option For You

Offering flawless privacy and protection, our Blackout curtains Dubai will not only adorn your place splendidly but will also be the provider for some legit functional advantages, too. With rich Made to measure curtains in Dubai, your entire room’s appearance will be instantly lifted, immediately post the placement of these splendid window curtains.

Our Curtain Dubai will efficiently reduce the amount of piercing glare entering your comfort zone (with the intent to make it uncomfortable, and we won’t let it do so!) and hence turn the room’s atmosphere into something pacifying in terms of both darkening it and making it more satisfying (and let’s be real, dark makes us feel good, right?)

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Blackout Curtains Perfect For Room Darkening

Blackout curtains are probably the most ideal option if you need room to be completed as dark as you can get. These types of blackout curtains can be perfect for bedrooms, nursery rooms, home theaters, or virtually any room used mainly for relaxing or napping at the end of the day. Choosing blinds or drapes for your windows will allow sunlight into your room, but when you choose blackout curtains, you are blocking out the sun so no one will be able to see in from outside.

One of the first things to consider is where you are going to place the curtains. This will help you decide what type of blackout curtains or blinds are needed, and how much you will need to get the full-darkening effect. Remember, this window treatment should block out as much light as possible so that people won't be able to see into your home when they come in from outside.

Another aspect of these blackout curtains is that they come in two layers. There are a thin layer of the fabric and a thicker layer of the curtain fabric. While the thin layer has less bulk and is more flexible, the thicker layer is thicker and more durable. In many cases, the thick layer will be made out of polyester mixed with other materials. Typically, this is a cotton blend, but the ultimate will be whatever you like.

Advantages Of Using Blackout Curtains

The other big advantage of blackout curtains is their energy efficiency. Good quality blackout curtains and dark window treatments will use only about half as much energy as typical window treatments. The reason for this is because the extra insulation the curtains provide cuts down on heat loss through the fabric and provide a better air quality than average window coverings.

When it comes to privacy, many people prefer the benefits of blackout curtains. That's because these fabrics do a good job of blocking out both the sun's harmful rays and most other visible light. However, there are also fabric options that provide no insulation at all and do nothing to block or insulate heat. These are usually referred to as thermal or sheer curtains and should not be used in rooms where you want to keep heat inside.

These curtains are also great for keeping heat inside your home. Since they block out the ultraviolet rays, they reduce the energy bills that you incur from heating. If you live in a sunny state, this is an excellent way to reduce your energy bills, especially if you use several expensive appliances or have a high electric bill.


The most attractive feature of Blackout Curtains in Dubai is that they can block up to 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) light from entering the room. You can get these curtains from Most fabric softeners and air conditioners filter out part of this light, but some still manage to pass through. Curtains with blackout features, on the other hand, block out all of it.