Best Gift to Give For Wedding Anniversary



George and I were sitting in the living room, in the evening. It was the weekend, and we didn’t have anything to do. We both were enjoying earl grey tea.” Jean you have become an expert in making a great tea”, George said. “Thanks, honey”. We came closer and kissed each other.

“George, what are we going to give to Alan and Dianna’s wedding anniversary, tomorrow”?” Oh my Gosh, Jean, I almost forgot about it.”Thanks for reminding me.”

He opened his mobile; I also opened the laptop, next to me. We both scrolled through the Google search. We spent nearly two hours, shortlisting the best gifts. So we want to share with the readers as well:

      How Do I Love Thee A-Z


We both liked it when we saw the picture of it. It is a min book, which is arranged in ascending order, starting from A to Z. There are short sentences, and there are fill the blanks. 

This is ideal for the couple, they can write about their feelings. For example, George wants to share his love, with me. He can fill, some of the pages.

I can respond on the following pages. This can go back and forth. 

This product has a typewriter, font, which brings the feel of a love letter.

    Maps of Our Heart


It’s basically a photo frame, with a heart, which is split into two, representing the couple. It comes with two maps, of husband and wife.

This is a very special gift; it appreciates, and cherishes, two different people, from different parts of the world. Come together, and share the love, special moments with each other.

This is easy to use and can be installed in a bedroom. It is an opportunity, for the couples could love and appreciate each other.

  Journey of True Love Journey Bowl


It is made of stoneware. “The bowl is light brown. The corner is made with the quote “Love is not a destination, but the journey shared by the travelers on its path.”

It can be shared, by the husband and wife. George and I liked the elegant design; its weight is also very light. The interior of it is also well crafted. It’s like a classic art ware of handmade work.



George and I had bought many stylish and modern shoes. We shopped from famous websites like Amazon, eBay, etc. We had great experiences. So we also added cat shoes Pakistan, due to their durability and safety features.

This could be a valuable gift, which could last for so many years. We often wear them, when we go out for a walk, in our neighborhood park. We always take our dog, Caesar, with us.

   Recycled Glass Tree Globes


It is made from recycled glass material. It’s from Canada. They come in different colors of trees, which represent the bond between the relationships like husband and wife.

It can bring out the feel of togetherness when placed in the living room or bedroom. George and I zoomed in on the photos, to see the details of it. It looked absolutely amazing.

The way, the trees are painted is remarkable. They’re attached to the stand, which is black in color. The way is assembled, is fantastic.

  Personalized Champagne Milestone Vase


It is a custom-made champagne bottle. The details can be added on request like for e.g. name, any year, which could a day of celebration, which in this case is a wedding anniversary.

The couple can always, remember the special moments. It can cover with a bunch of fresh roses, and flowers, which can remind of the time, which they lived together was full of happiness and joy.





If we went on writing like, we’re afraid; it could turn out to a book. The next day, was full of music, dance, and celebrations. Alan & Dianna were looking beautiful and smart as usual.

They welcomed us. We had a great time, with each other. We met many new people and made new friends as well.

Alan & Dianna came together and cut the cakes, we all took photos, with each other. The party lasted for several hours.

We arrived at 3 am in morning. Both of us were tired, and we changed our clothes and went to sleep.


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