Best Books To Read on Kindle

One day, I was browsing the internet, for my friend’s birthday gift. Her name was Anna. She loved reading books. This time I came up with an idea, to give her something new.

  I didn’t want to give her, which was paperback, which she finds difficult to carry. So I shortlisted, some of the best titles, so she can read them on Kindle as a gift from me:

1.Mean Streak Written By Sandra Brown

The novel is about Emory, who is a child specialist and a marathon runner. She is excited about the next race and plans to move to the mountains

  She fought with her husband Jeff, a night before. But she manages to go as planned. Suddenly she opens her eyes and finds herself saved by a man.

 That man doesn’t give any details about himself. She is wounded. The man takes care of her.

 On the other hand, his husband is searching for her. Emory didn’t contact him for a while.

 The Police are blaming his husband for that.

  The suspense is prominent. The reader has to keep guessing about, what to expect, in the coming pages. Will the Jeff or police able to rescue her? What will Emory do?

2.Three Wishes Written By Liane Moriarty

 The three triplets, Geema, Cat, and Lyne‘s childhood was miserable. Their parents always fought with each other.

 The couple finally divorced. All three of them left home, at the age of 33. Luckily all the three sisters get married later in their lives.

The author has written in a way, that falls in the category of one of the romance novels. The new trouble enters their lives, when the Cat’s husband, reveals that he is having an extramarital affair with another girl.

When Cat finds out, she is surprised, to know that her name is Angela. Cat becomes angry; when the truth is that she is the sister of Gemma’s new boyfriend.

The rivalry between the three triplets is going on for so long. Even one of the sisters gets jealous; another sister goes through the tragedy of a miscarriage.

 In the end, after taking so many twists and turns, the reader concludes with a happy ending.

3.The Haunting Of Gillespie House Written By Darsy Coates

Elle is taking care of a big mansion when their owners go out for the trip. She soon discovers that there are graves behind that house. It dated back to 1800.

 She is alone. Most of the rooms are closed. But some mystery is there, which the owners didn’t tell her.

The house is situated, far away from the main city. Some strange sounds of wall scratching are heard. There is also furniture stored on the third floor.

Elle is trying to find out a secret way in the home. She is terrified by the surrounding on the floor.

Anything unusual incidence can happen at any point in time.  The storyline is written in a way, which makes the reader worried, and fearful.

4.Lead from the Outside Written By Stacey Abrams

The author reveals her story, about losing her election as Governor of Georgia. Her opponent was a white guy and she was black.

Her opponent defeated her. But she never gave up in her life. She has authored this book, for everyone who is a minority, their voice is not heard.

She gives practical advice to all of them. She is advocating, pushing the limits of lives, to achieve more.

Her thoughts are harnessing, leadership qualities. She goes on to say, that whatever walks of life, we are. Success will come with hard work.

Her successful career, in politics, business, and nonprofit organizations, has provided guidelines, for people to follow and get ahead in life.

 Oftentimes, we find the best books for starting your own business, tackle the issues from inside. But when it goes against anyone, then Stacey’s well-detailed advice comes for rescue.


It was a great feeling to write about such great titles, which provide, us to think beyond the ordinary. I feel that all the books in one thing in common, that is to answer, this question, how to find the way out from an unknown and difficult situation?



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