Amazing Cardigan Styling Ideas for Your Old Wardrobe

Who said fashion is expensive? Well if you can style it correctly, even the most basic of the outfit can look like something straight out of a fashion magazine! The best part of recreating your old wardrobe with a touch of freshness is that even the bare minimum can go a long way and you can easily shop for them from a women’s clothing boutique. 


Cardigans are our wardrobe’s best friend. Is your outfit too bland? Well, now you can turn them into a new style statement, just wear a cardigan! There are a lot of ways to style your cardigan correctly. We are here with some cardigan ideas for you to try with your old wardrobe. 


Jeans are undoubtedly one of the best blessings of the fashion industry. Why? Well, they are easy to style and can be a fit for every occasion. However, wearing them every day can get boring sometimes. You can easily change the look depending on the occasion.

Style this cardigan with a pair of skinny-fit jeans and a basic top. You can go for something printed or a graphic tee for a better color combination. However, you can also add other tops, tees into the mix if that suits you the best. 

For hairstyle, you can go for some beach wave curls along with minimal jewelry and stud earrings. If you are planning to attend a branch, we would suggest you go for neutral-glam makeup with nude lip shades. Moreover, wear some wedge heels to add some chicness to the mix. 

Carry a shoulder or a tote bag along with a pair of cool sunglasses to complete the look.  However, including sneakers instead while sporting a high ponytail and a backpack will give you an athletic vibe. You can also wear cat-eye sunglasses and hoop earrings to completely turn your basic jeans and tops into a completely different look. 

Denim Shorts

Tank tops, crop tops paired with denim shorts are a cult classic and a favorite summer pick for women all around the world. However, sleeveless cardigans can change this basic look and turn it into a style statement.  Style your cardigans like a pro and slay the look. 

Pair this sleeveless cardigan with a pair of denim shorts. Wrap your cardigan around the waist and secure them with a statement belt. Now, for this look, you can choose Bohemian jewelry for a hippie vibe. For this look, you can wear ankle booties for footwear. Besides, go for a medium-glam look with pink lip shades to match this outfit. 

For a summer dedicated look, pair this sleeveless cardigan with denim shorts and tank tops for bralettes. Moreover, you can wear flat sandals to add some comfort to the mix. Go for a no-makeup look with natural lipstick shades. Carry a sling bag or a tote bag. If you are going out during the day make sure you wear a hat and a pair of sunglasses to look cool. 

In addition, these cardigans are easily available in clothing boutiques and can be a great style statement. 

This colorful cardigan can be styled in a lot of ways. Firstly, style this with minimalistic jewelry along with hoops earrings. Besides, you can wear women’s tops or a statement blouse for a chic look. Wear some block heels or a pair of flat sandals to complement this look. Choose a minimal makeup look along with a messy bun for the hairstyle. Carry a shoulder bag or a sling bag into the mix. 


Cardigans are mainly made for the winters. Winters provide us with the opportunity to style our cardigans into a perfect style statement. 

For starters, you can wear this with a dress. However, if you are styling your dress for perfect partywear, this is your best bet. Choose some pearl jewelry with pearl hoop earrings. Bedsides, wear pump heels or stilettos for the footwear along with a shoulder or a sling bag to complement the glam look, But wait! Don’t forget to go for a dramatic makeup look with red lipstick shades. You can incorporate the same look while pairing your cardigans with other outfit choices. 


Styling any dress, no matter how basic, is very easy with cardigans. They do not cost your whole salary and often come in colors and designs that match every detail with other outfit choices as well. However, it is important to understand that no matter if you have an upgraded wardrobe or not, you should carry your every look with confidence and feeling beautiful both inside and out. 


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