Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself: Ways To Begin Self-Discovery

Are you feeling lost in your own thoughts and now cannot find a way out for yourself? Are you confused about what you want from your life ahead? We all carry dreams and goals in our mind and our own personality traits keep us aware of the self-discovery process. However, some of us reach a point where we come to a point, ‘Who am I and what am I here for?’ Well, this is where you can begin with your self discovery journey so that you can re-examine yourself a little more and a little better.

Before we give you ways to begin self-discovery, know that it’s a process which allows you to examine your life in-depth, offers you an opportunity to find out what you want and gives you a journey of fulfillment. Are you ready to examine once again? Here we go!

Ways To Begin Self-Discovery

1. Visualizing Your Ideal Version

Let’s just say that you don’t need to imagine a bigger picture or a very clear picture of yourself. If you visualize yourself in a certain form, you can ask the questions like

  • What do you want from your life?

  • Where do you want to find yourself in the next few years?

  • What are those things that will make you proud of yourself?

If you start answering these questions and discover the full picture slowly, you will gradually feel fulfilled.

2. Put Your Hands On Your Passion

It is our passion and interest which makes our life meaningful. Whether it is working in a NGO, willing to research on a new topic or making an activity a long-lived passion, you need to find out ways to explore your interests differently. If you are willing to switch your job interests in future and find out a new way for self-discovery, there is no harm in this.

3. Practice Mindfulness

Often we forget to relax and know the true meaning of oneself in this busy state of life, meditation is a method to reconnect with oneself. Although you can think of relaxing by indulging in other leisure activities, they may not be so helpful in building a connection with personal self. Meditation gives you an insight into oneself and lets you focus in the present moment without falling back into the past or sour memories. Pay attention to self attitude and practice mindfulness more often for self-discovery.

4. Journaling

Writing a journal means reflecting on your thoughts and ideas through the process of writing and expressing yourself. This journal helps you in discovering the hidden inner thoughts and even the solutions to those problems which are bothering you for sometime now. Explore your dreams and emotions at a different scale with journaling.

5. What Do You Value About Yourself?

Is it your personal values or are there some specific qualities that you like about yourself? Whatever be it, answer it to yourself. It could be honesty, compassion, simplicity, creativity, loyalty or courage to stand up for yourself. Whatever the principles are, they become a part of your reintroduction once again.

6. Give Yourself Time & Space

Knowing yourself within takes time. And it’s not about a few minutes or days, it can take months to acknowledge oneself. It is surely very satisfying to discover oneself, so make sure that you give enough time and space to make a satisfying life journey.

7. See Life As A Challenge, Not Struggle

Struggling within makes one lose oneself and we even feel lost within. The more you feel life is a struggle, the more depressed and frustrated you are. Focus on the story you tell yourself and convert the tough phase into a challenging one so that you break the challenge with your positive attitude rather than struggle within it. 

8. Practice Self Care

Self care is different for everyone. It starts with things that give you peace, relaxation and time to enjoy life. This means that you shall enjoy reading books, sitting in a peaceful environment for meditation, taking a hot shower, writing journals or sitting on a balcony for a hot coffee. Self care practice is a must and acts like a therapy for personal enhancement.

9. Talking To A Therapist

Sometimes we are not able to find ways to reintroduce ourselves and self discovery becomes a challenge. This is where you can talk to a therapist and discuss with them reasons for your low mood and problematic areas of life. They can become your mentor to give a direction ahead in life and offer guidance for self discovery to grow and learn more.

10. Believe In Yourself

Your self discovery comes with a self belief. The essence of trusting in yourself and your gut feelings acts as a major boost to push your core. Those things which are hidden inside you can be enacted differently if you begin to show trust and act rightly for them.


We hope that these ways to begin self discovery or discovering the hidden facts inside you would help you to re-energize and re-focus on a personal level. What are your views on the same? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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