A Complete Guide: How to Reupholster Your Accent Chair and Perfectly Pair it with Handmade Cushions

Whether you are hesitant to buy a new chair or you are just too attached with your old accent chair, reupholstering is a good choice. Torn, dirty and old fabric of your accent chair may completely destroy the look of your favorite chair. Fortunately, because the structure of the furniture is still in good condition, a small effort of changing the fabric and replacing it with a new durable one and some staples can give an old-fashioned or an uncomfortable chair a new look. Updating your old favorite luxurious accent chair will have a big impact especially to the home interior design.

Follow the easy steps below to learn how to turn your accent chair into a new one.


Remove the old fabric

Disassemble the chair and separate the interior as needed, taking care not to tear the old fabric (it is necessary to use it as a pattern). First remove the black fabric from the bottom of the chair, and then loosen the parts mounted on the frame. Remove one piece and mark the position of the accent chair with a marker. For example, put labels on the inside of the back panel, the right back side, the left back side and the side of the board. Mark the “F” in front and the “T” at the top to indicate the direction of the chair. Pay attention to the position of the T-shaped stitch on each block and the position where the blocks are knitted together. Keep the T-shaped line and wrinkle strips in a safe place for measuring new strips.

Note: all other padding, springs, etc. can be left as they are. Store reusable cardboard, padding, liners, etc.



Fix the panel of the separated fabric to the new upholstery fabric. Make sure that the two fabrics face the same direction. Therefore, it is an exact copy, not a mirror image. Using the old fabric pattern, cut the new upholstery fabric to the appropriate size. Repeat this process on all panels. If you need to connect the panels with a sewing machine, you can sew the corresponding parts at this stage.

In addition, weigh the old cover in the corner and use a pencil or chalk to move around the old seat cover. When tracing, smoothen the edges by hand so that the new cover is not too small. If you are not sure how to make it smooth, you can fix the old seat cover to the new fabric before tracing.


Attach your Fabric


Turn over the new seat cover. In addition, place the seat cover in the right place as well. If there are pins marking the corners of the patterned fabric, make sure they are aligned with the corners of your chair.  Starting from the top, bind once in the center. Before fixing with staples, pull the fabric firmly and repeat at the bottom. Continue to pull the fabric tightly, and then repeat binding on both sides. Work one by one, and bind from the center outwards until the sides are fully bound. Currently, it pulls the fabric tightly and continues to soften the fabric below from the middle. Don’t nail corners. Repeat on all sides until all corners are stapled.


Cut off excess fabrics

Use sharp scissors to cut off the excess fabric. The fabric should be cut as close as possible to the staple line. Apply a strip of hot glue to the staples and then push it. Keep the glue in place until it cools. Cut the decorative strips meet, and fix the ends with hot glue. Trim if necessary to cover the staples. Before enjoying the “new” old chair, cut the thread and separate the glue gun cord.


Final Touch: Finish your chair with some handmade cushions

That is how you reupholster your old accent chair. Now, you already achieve a new look for your favorite accent chair. This time, put and add some handmade cushions that will perfectly suit your new accent chair. Just as how high caliber your accent chair is, your handmade cushions should be in high quality as well. There are many options available at Yorkshire Fabric Shop so you can find the perfect handmade cushions for your new reupholstered accent chair.


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