6 Tips to Sleep Better

There are many ways you can sleep better naturally. Most of the food items in our list are easily available at the best E-commerce store Retail Stash. For most of us, sleep is a welcome escape from our daily lives. But what happens when our daily stress and worries or our unhealthy lifestyle affects our sleep? It is not healthy for your body or mind. If you think your problem is not big enough for a doctor consultation then try any of the tips we give below. Hopefully, one of these ends up working for you. 

  1. Turn Your Lights Off

Many pieces of research point to the fact that a dark room is ideal for a good sleep. It's best to keep the light in your room to a minimum. Obviously, that includes your smartphone, laptop, TV, etc. If you can sleep in complete darkness, then it is better to even shut off the bathroom light. This helps your brain release more melatonin and helps you sleep better.

  1. Physical Activity

This one is kind of self-explanatory. If you are physically active, your body naturally gets tired, this tiredness usually translates into a deep sleep. However, deep sleep doesn’t always mean good sleep. You should time your exercise to make sure that it isn’t keeping you awake. (Yes, it can do that). It may raise your body's core temperature. Your body can mistake this as a signal to get up and go. Good and well-times exercise even helps you avoid daytime sleepiness. 

  1. Melatonin Supplements

Our brain releases melatonin naturally before feeling sleepy. Due to various reasons, our brain might not get the signal to release melatonin, which affects our state of sleepiness. When that happens, you can get melatonin pills. These do the same job like the one our body creates. Though you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy these pills, it's best to stick to just one manufacturer. 

  1. Scents Affecting Sleep

There are a lot of smells that are popular for helping with good sleep. The list is huge. But some of them are; lavender, cedarwood, chamomile, rose, clary sage, geranium, jasmine, bergamot, etc. 

Additionally, while drinking coffee might ruin your sleep schedule, smelling it is different. Thus, you can even ground some coffee beans up and keep them next to your bed for better sleep. You can buy coffee beans and essential oils for good scents at the best E-commerce store, Retail Stash, or any other wholesaler. 

  1. No Alcohol Before Bed

No matter what your beloved lifestyle magazines say, alcohol before bed is not a good idea at all. Alcohol may put you to sleep but we guarantee you that sleep is not fulfilling your needs. So while you might fall asleep, once you sober up, you will either wake up or remain disturbed through the night. Consequently, the next morning will not be pleasant for you or the people around you. 

  1. A Pre-Sleep Routine

This way is kind of hard. However, once you get it going, it will definitely improve your sleep quality. You need to make sure that if you sleep during the day, it’s always at noon. Preferably between 2-4 pm and never after that. Additionally, if you go to bed at the same time every single day, your internal body clock adjusts to that and that naturally helps you sleep at your fixed time. You can also start meditating to help with de-stressing and relaxing. 


These are some ways that people suggest or try most commonly. However, if none of these is working for you, then it is best that you go consult a doctor. It might be nothing on its own but sleep deprivation or restlessness can cause a lot of problems. Treatment for insomnia is essential in preventing it from interrupting your daily tasks. Have a restful night!


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