5 Simple Ways To Organise Your Life In 2022

Whenever you’re gazing at your favourite photos on display, in beautiful and bespoke photo calendars that are personalized, you probably have a moment where you wish you had more free time to do the things that bring you feelings of joy and happiness.

Having endless busy days and a hectic lifestyle is stressful and energy-depleting. If you long to get on top of everything that you need to do, incorporate our 5 simple ways to get organized into your schedule and invest in a more balanced life…

  1. Make A Date

To keep a record of all of your day-t-day time commitments, activities and appointments it’s essential that you get yourself a stylish calendar that will inspire and motivate you into action.

Beautiful and decorative photo calendars that are personalized with a selection of your favourite happy memory photographs are the perfect accessories to kick-start an organised way of living, in 2022.

At the start of each month, write down all of your work and home life commitments and appointments on your calendar, so that you can plan ahead and have access to reminders. You can have your organizational aide on display on the wall in any room of your home, or on your desk in the workplace.

The different formats and styles available allow you to create a unique montage of themed images that will inspire you to daydream about having fun with family and friends and going on holiday. Once you’re in the swing of using these 5 simple ways, you’ll be able to make a date each month, on your calendar, to enjoy the free time you’ve saved by being better organized.

  1. Learn To Love Lists

The top reason why so many people love to write To-Do lists is that the simple process helps to simplify what needs doing. Lists help you to systemize your tasks so that you can tackle them in a practical and routine manner.

To organize your life like a pro, in 2022, you’ll need to create a To-Do list that includes important tasks and repetitive chores, so that you can successfully manage them and your workflow. Instead of having one big list that includes everything, organize yourself better by writing a separate To-Do list for your work and home life tasks.

Create lists for weekly and monthly planning reviews, as well as daily step-by-step process lists that you can effectively use for work projects, or for tasks around the home. Having a meal plan and grocery list will speed up your shopping trip, and save you time, energy and money. Once you discover how easy it is to work with lists, you’ll want to listicle everything!

Reward your efforts by checking off completed tasks, jobs, and chores on a Done List. Crossing off all of your achievements will feel deeply satisfying.

  1. Tweak Your Lifestyle

To get the most out of the stylish and personalized photo calendars that you have on display on the wall of your home and workplace offices, it’s essential that you’re open to making a few adjustments to your lifestyle.

Adopting a new way of living, and of doing things, can be greatly beneficial to your wellbeing, time management, and overall energy. The more organized that you are at home, the less stress you will experience during 9-5. By decluttering and tidying your home you’ll be able to find things you need with ease and have more time to enjoy fun activities.

Create a plan of action by tackling one room at a time. Give it a good clear out, and donate items that you no longer want to charity, or sell them online to make some extra cash. Systematically work through each of the rooms until you have a clean and tidy home. To maintain this organized way of living, it’s crucial to regularly tackle household chores.

  1. Use An Organisational App

If you’re into techy gadgets, logging in on an organizational app may feel like you have instant access to your own personal assistant. Manage your work, social life, hobby activities, and appointments with your Android or iOS smartphone and a note-taking app that helps you build better habits. Some mobile device apps can also be accessed via the web.

Download, sign in, and use the app to create lists, texts, notes, scribbles, and voice memos that help you simplify the working week. You can also tag or color code to organize different aspects of your life. If you’re prone to being forgetful, set reminders to ping throughout the day, or on repeat. Using the multiple task categories and different priority levels will get you super organized, and working more efficiently, in no time.

  1. Hire A Pro

To increase your productivity, you can hire a real or virtual assistant to help you organize any area of your life.  No tasks are too big or too small, if you can afford to pay the price for a professional service.

If you’re on a tight budget and could benefit from a helping hand you can always ask family or friends to get on board with your organizing. Barter your skills, if you don’t feel comfortable not offering some form of payment for work done around the home, or in the garden.

With support and assistance to organize your life, you’ll have more free time available to plan enjoyable activities, and days out, on your stylish photo calendars. You may even be able to mark off days when you have absolutely nothing listed on your To-Do schedule!