5 Most Common Landscaping Mistakes And Tips To Avoid These

Landscaping mistakes are common to commit, but you can save yourself a lot of effort if you know about these landscaping mistakes in advance. In our post today, we'll tell you about these mistakes and ways to rectify or avoid these.  Read on

When it comes to building, renovating, or simply giving a new look to the landscape, some mistakes are common. We, the house owners, often, due to sheer lack of information or attention at the time of planning, commit these mistakes. Therefore, knowledge and attention are never too much when designing a fully functional leisure area for the four seasons. Check out five landscaping mistakes that can bring headaches to your leisure area and see how to avoid them!

  • Serious landscaping error: choosing the wrong roof

Planning a wooden pergola for the leisure area is undoubtedly a great success: in addition to the beauty of the work, it guarantees comfort at any time of the year.

But when it comes to choosing the pergola cover, many people make mistakes. Some get carried away by fashion, others by wrong information. What many people do not know is that there are many pergolas that end up being misused just because of this error of gross landscaping.

The transparent roof is the greatest example being used as a roof. However, when it comes to the pergola, you need to pay attention to the type. Glass and polycarbonate may be the most common choice, but they are far from the right ones.

The truth is that, despite their beauty, they are not very functional. This is because both act like real magnifying glasses, multiplying the sun's rays' effect and making the atmosphere of the pergola even hotter.

On the other hand, as they do not have gutters, both materials spread rainwater in any way, creating discomfort for those below.

In the case of polycarbonate, there is also the problem of noise. And the two materials are still quite dirty, requiring constant maintenance.

The solution here is to opt for the solar-powered pergola, a type of totally translucent cover that is part of the Solar Plus System.

Besides having gutters for directing rainwater, they also filter up to 99% of UV rays and leave the environment up to 6ºC cooler than glass and polycarbonate.

Therefore, pay attention to the choice of coverage to avoid falling into this classic landscaping error.

  • Excess or lack of watering in the plants

A well-produced garden is an oasis for the eyes and even helps to regulate the room temperature. However, plants' choice is very important - as well as the location where they will be and the appropriate watering for each species.

To not make mistakes and enhance the visual effect, it is necessary to consider the incidence of sunlight and the time of exposure of each species. These factors directly influence the frequency of watering, which can become too excessive or too rare.

Here, the tip is to pay attention to the label that accompanies each species and consider the size they will become after they are adults. But remember: very large trees do not look good in a small play area.

Another tip for a beautiful garden is to create masonry planters covered with wooden decks in different heights and depths. So you create a feeling of cool volume in the garden.

  • Lack of definition of styles

Making a mix of styles in the decor is quite interesting, but they should talk to each other. In addition, a common landscaping error is to create a style on the pergola or the balcony different from the rest of the house.

Remember that both places must be in harmony. The furniture must be cozy, and the coverings should help to reinforce the defined style. Some elements talk to a wide variety of styles. You are just needed to know how to use them. This is the case with wooden panels, straw ceilings, and bamboo mats, for example.

  • Lighting that does not value the leisure area

The lighting is a key part of any recreational area. When done well, it values the garden and the pergola and creates a cozy atmosphere to receive friends at any time.

The tip is to use indirect lighting and leave cold white light for service areas. LED lamps are a sustainable and beautiful option, which can be found in different formats, colors, and intensities.

  • Error in choosing the company to make the pergola

One of the worst and most common landscaping mistakes is to hire any supposed professional or company to make the pergola, deck, and wooden panels.

Do not deliver your work in the hands of onlookers or companies new to the market. Know how to value your investment by hiring a specialized company such as Done Right with extensive experience and a wide portfolio. After all, you will not want your leisure area to look like a tug.

A well-planned and elaborate pergola instantly adds value to any home, creates market differentials, and provides a functional leisure area in the four seasons.

With these tips, you will get away from the most common landscaping mistakes and have a functional and sophisticated leisure area, as you deserve.

Have this information helped you avoid common landscaping mistakes? Share your experience, opinion, and photos in the comments.  And if you need some assistance, give us a call. We are Done Right, a team of experienced professionals known for installing and maintaining landscape lighting all around Florida. If you, too, need some help, knock at us. We are only a click away.


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