5 best low budget perfumes that smell so good

Fragrances are one’s personal choice. Whether you are exploring the Indie scent or classic scent, the process that goes into the purchasing of a perfume is quite evolved. But unfortunately, it is believed that many nice smelling perfumes come with a hefty price tag especially those designer perfumes. Along with cheap designer cosmetics, cheap branded perfumes are also available online. This means you can be judicious with your spending even if you are planning to buy a rich smelling designer perfume. There are quite a few fragrances that smell heavenly and are not exorbitant. We have gathered some of those top picks.

1. Good Chemistry Sugar Berry: A delightful balance of notes that exhibit both playful and ease and which gives rise to pink sand paradise. This Eau de Perfume is vegan and cruelty-free and that makes it harmless even for sensitive skin. The fragrance contains notes of raspberry, freesia, and vanilla.

2. LAVANILA The Healthy Fragrance Vanilla Coconut: As the name suggests, it is a paradise of coconut and vanilla. The key ingredients included in the making of scent are coconut oil, goji berry and Madagascar vanilla and these ingredients make it addictive. The aroma induced by the scent gives a happy mood-blasting vibe. A fragrance that is handcrafted by natural perfumes and contains pure essential oil blended with organic sugar cane alcohols has antiseptic properties as well. 

3. Pure Grace Philosophy: A fragrance for women that has a modern, fresh and sharp fragrance of floral green character that comprises accords of lily of the valley, leafy greens and musk. The crisp and refreshing feeling of the notes lasts for longer.

4. My Burberry Blush Mini Duo Set: The bottle is enlivened with mild feminine pink hues. The bottle of scent opens up with a mild smell of pomegranate followed by vibrant lemon. It has floral-fruity notes and key ingredients include pomegranate, rose, and jasmine. It is easy to use and gives a timeless and effortless look.

5. Vera Wang Embrace: A sophisticated, romantic and modern fragrance inspired by intimacy and emotion. The perfume vera wang was made in collaboration with other designer perfumes such as Annie Buzantian, Yann Vasnier, Natasha Cote, Stephen Nilsen, Pascal Gaurin and some more.

6. Calvin Klein Obsession: One of the most popular amazing smelling yet low cost perfumes. It has a blend of fruity, spicy, and woody notes that come together to envelop you in what feels like a nice, warm, long hug.

7. Jennifer Lopez Promise Eau de Parfum: A scent for multifaceted and independent women. It has a floral woody fragrance. The top note contains Italian tangerine, pink berries and pear. Middle notes involve orris, jasmine sambac and dewy honeysuckle. The base note or concluding note has a powerful base of woody notes merged beautifully with crystallized amber.

8. Classic Rain Perfume: The classic rain perfume is inspired by a clear and rejuvenating scent after the first rain. It is a casual and light perfume that tends to remain intact throughout the day. The scent has notes of dewy flower petals wrapped around the airy musk and that evoke a simple scent of rain.

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