4 cool ways to style your old leather jacket this year

As soon as the cold breezes start entering into our region, we all want a quick change in our wardrobe. Welcoming a new season is always charming. I love to re-settle my closet and to replace all the summer/spring light clothes with heavy woolen and leather jackets. There is something very calm about winters, it gives you a different kind of peace and happiness. 


Just like this season, winter clothes are also warmer and cozy and its fun to style different winter clothing items in your favourite season. Winter clothing pieces like jackets, warmers, coats, sweatshirts, hoodies, leggings, sweaters and the list is long,all are essential to keep you savefrom the dripping weather, but i believe the winter jackets have an edge on all clothing items. 


So in the article below i am going to talk about 4 cool ways to style your old leather jacket this year. let's have a look at it. 


Bold Bottoms: 


Bold bottoms are my favourite, you can create different unique and creative looks while using a bold bottom. The best thing about having a pair of bold bottoms in your wardrobe is you can use them to create both formal and casual looks. Have you ever paired your  old leather jacket with a bold bottom? If not then this the best time to create this super casual look and surprise everyone with your unique fashion sense. 

Bold check bottoms go perfect with different colors of leather jackets. But i would suggest you to wear black or brown leather jacket in this look. To make this look even better add a small and simple accessory to the whole attire. For Example carry a small bag with you. Or wear stylish sunglasses to add an extra charm. 


This super casual look is best for hanging out with friends, for casual meetings and parties. 


Pair it up with a White Shirt: 


A white shirt is an all rounder Both a formal white shirt or a simple white T shirt. Do you know that you can use your old leather jackets at some formal events too? If not then i am telling you to try this look in the coming winters. Take out your old leather jacket and pair it up with a simple button down white Shirt. Now wear a tie and skin tight pants to complete this look. 

It's a perfect formal look for the formal meetings and presentations. 


Now remove our tie and replace a button down shirt with a simple White T shirt. And tadaaa, you are now ready for different casual events. Create this look for hang outs, for parties with friends or for casual dinners. 


A popping color: 


I believe that there is no match to black and brown leather jackets. Both of them are timeless and you can wear them for decades. But have you tried a popping color leather jacket in your life? You need a lot of confidence in order to create this look. A popping color jacket like statement blue, sharp red, yellow or green add an extra charm, confidence and attitude to your personality. It will help you to create a look that will make you stand out in your peers. Also, you can pair it up with jeans, skirts, leggings or with some accessories like a beanie or sunglasses. 

It's a super casual look that you concrete on different casual events. Like on vacations, while shopping in your favourite shopping mall, or while hanging out with your friends. 


Wear it with an accessory: 


An accessory can always be a rule day. A popping color accessory can always add so much charm into evena dullest outfit. If you are bored with your old leather jacket and don't want to wear it again. Then worry not, add some fun to your old jacket and create some different fantastic looks. For Example take a popping color bag with an old jacket, you wear some cool jewelry like bracelets, necklaces or earrings. 


Cool looking sunglasses or a head scarf can also add an extra charm to the old leather jacket. In addition to that if you have some neon stuff in your wardrobe like a bag, shoes, sunglasses, wrist watches or etc take them out and pair them up to add so much color even in your dull jackets. 


Wrapping up!!!

Here are some creative and cool ideas to style your winter jackets this season. Do you have some old leather jackets and you are thinking of disposing of them? Then stop right away because you can always mix and match them with other clothing items to create some unique winter looks. 


What is your favourite winter look? How do you create it? Share your style ideas with us in the comment section below.


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