Why Wearing A Rash Guards in BJJ Is Important?

Have you ever thought about why people wear BJJ rash guard under their Gi while practicing grappling sports such as Jiu-Jitsu? Apart from adding an extra layer of clothing under the Gi, there are actually some important reasons why it is important to wear a rash guard during sports such as these.


The first reason why you should be wearing a rash guard under your Gi is probably reason enough to wear the full stop. BJJ rash guards play an important role in your hygiene while taking part in a tactile sport such as Jiu-Jitsu. If you consider how much time you spend on the mat or entangled with another person during the sport, you soon start to see the merits of an extra layer of protection between you and them. It is not only a barrier between you and the other person though - it is also a barrier that protects your skin again microorganisms that may be on or around the mat. To protect your skin and keep it healthy, a rash guard really is essential for you to pack in your bag.

Protect your Gi

When performing a tactile sport, a Gi is your best friend and over the years you will likely collect quite a lot of them. However, the importance of BJJ rash guards is to help protect your Gi from blood, sweat, and tears and will ensure that your Gi lasts for longer.

Prevent injury

The main purpose of a rash guard is just that: to guard against rashes. If you want to ensure that you don’t get friction injuries during your time on the mat a rash guard will prevent this by providing a protective layer between your skin and your Gi. This makes a rash guard a crucial part of your getup for these sports and it will prevent you from hurting yourself and going out of commission for a period of time.

Better circulation

If you have ever had surgery or a varicose vein, you may have heard of compression socks and their benefits. Compressing parts of the body helps to stimulate better blood flow and your skintight rash guard will do just this. Better blood flow means more oxygen can reach your muscles, and as a result, your muscles will be able to react quicker and more efficiently.

Prevent muscle injuries

The most dangerous part of not wearing a rash guard is the risk of muscle injury and tearing. It is crucial for you to wear a rash guard while performing Jiu-Jitsu because it will help you to protect your muscles and the strain that rapid movements can cause. This is partially aided by the improved blood flow as we discussed above but also by holding everything in place securely.

When choosing whether or not to add a rash guard to your BJJ getup it is important to consider the reasons above for why it is important. A rash guard can be a good addition to your look and will provide many practical aids to your performance.