Which fruits should be taken during pregnancy?

Are you expecting a baby? A pregnant woman not only eats healthy balanced diet food for herself but also for her baby. It's important to stay hydrated and incorporate nutritious fruits, vegetables, and lots of protein. There are plenty of fruits you should take during pregnancy. 

Fruits are the good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber and minerals; it boosts a child's immune system and helps in mental and physical growth. It is advisable to drink a glass of cow milk; it will grow breast naturally and act as the best stress-reliever.  

 7 fruits should be taken during pregnancy: 

 Nutrients obtained from fruits like beta carotene, Vitamin C, folic acid, fibers, and water helps the unborn child in growing cells, tissue, bone, brain, and spinal cord development. Fruits can satisfy your sugar craving as well as provide you with good nutrients. So, eat these fruits to stay healthy while pregnant. 

1. Banana: It is a wonderful and great source of potassium, vitamin C, B6, and magnesium. Potassium maintains and regulates blood pressure; prevents leg muscle tightening and body pain. It also regulates constipation, vomiting, and irritable bowel. If your hemoglobin level is low, have one banana daily at the breakfast table with a bowl of oats or cornflakes. 

2. Apple: It contains a lot of fiber, vitamin C, iron, and water. It thwarts hemorrhoids and improves digestion. It strengthens a child's immune system and physical strength and keeps you hydrated. It's better to eat an apple with its peel; Cut it into small pieces and have it before lunch. It is a good and healthy substitute for your sugar cravings.

3. Grape Tomato: It is a healthy fruit choice made by all pregnant women as it contains Vitamin C, A, and folic acid. Grape tomatoes repair muscle tissue, boost white blood corpuscle production, and prevent blood loss during C-section. Lycopene is found in tomatoes which prevents cell damage and inherited deformities in children. 

4. Orange: Citrus food boosts a child's immune system, bone development, and women's digestion process. It carries folic acid and a lot of water which prohibit neural tube defects in the fetus. Have an orange or lemon juice daily as an evening drink. This is tasty and healthy. A pregnant woman should incorporate Vitamin C in their diet. 

5. Berries and cherries: All types of berries like strawberries, raspberries, yum blackberries, blueberries, cherries are a must in a pregnant woman's diet. Berries are rich in carbohydrates, calcium, healthy fat water, flavonoids, and vitamin C. It provides energy to the mother as well as to the fetus through the placenta. A glass of cherries and berries smoothie in the afternoon can freshen your mind and taste buds.

6. Avocados: It is a wonderful source of folate, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Magnesium, and Potassium. It helps to lessen leg muscle pain and nausea. It also contains chlorine and iron, which facilitate fetus brain development and memory improvement.  

7. Watermelons: If it is the summer season, you are lucky. Watermelon juice with Greek yogurt on a hot summer afternoon tastes delicious. Vitamin B6, Potassium, Magnesium, and rich in water help you to keep hydrated and protect you from heartburn during pregnancy. It flushes toxins out of our bodies, keeping us fresh and hydrated. 

 These fruits should be taken during pregnancy but always keep to the limit, don't overdo it. It will raise your blood sugar level and may hamper your health.

 Two fruits should not be taken during pregnancy:

·         Papaya: It contains latex which causes stomach pain and even miscarriage.

·         Pineapple: It contains bromelain, which can cause early labor or food poisoning during pregnancy. 

 Tips while having fruits:

It is always advisable to have a glass of water before having your tasty fruits. Remember to have it before lunch. If you have fruits right after your lunch, you are eating excess, leading to vomiting, bloating, and sickness. Lady, you are pregnant, so be extra careful with what you eat and when you eat. Here are simple hygienic tips you must follow:

·         After buying fruits from the market, wash them properly for at least 2 minutes.

·         Any marked area in the fruit, cut it off

·         Store in the refrigerator away from fresh meat.

 Do not intake frozen or preserved fruits; it will harm your health as well as the fetus. Add jaggery instead of sugar which is good for both mother and the child.


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