What Leads to Baldness in Men? Causes and Treatments

Hair loss and baldness are no longer limited to one specific gender. In today’s fast-paced world, men are said to be more prone to early baldness. There are multiple reasons why it has now become a widespread and severe concern for approximately 45% of the men around the country.

Initially, it was a result of gradual aging in men due to hormonal changes. However, lately, it is not limited to any particular age group and is witnessed more in the younger generations. So, what are the main factors contributing to baldness in men, and how can it be resolved? Let’s read below to find out.

Common Causes for Baldness

The causes of baldness in men and women are more or less the same. Here, you can check a few most common reasons for baldness in men.

Age, Genetics And Hormone Level Changes

As already mentioned before, the most recognizable reason behind baldness in men is age and hormones. The male hormone responsible here is known as androgens. It is said to depreciate in performance with increasing age, causing hair fall. Another reason known for baldness in man includes genetic background. A man with a family history of baldness is more prone to it.

Drugs and Therapy

Other medicines and therapies relating to different health problems can often interfere with your scalp health and result in baldness. For instance, chemotherapy for cancer patients, medicines for sugar patients, BP control medicines, etc., can all affect hair loss.

Hair Fungus

This is not a very common reason but still a fair possibility for men who do not look after personal hygiene and hair care. Infrequent hair wash, excessive harmful hair products, lack of proper diet, etc., can all create a fungal infection within the hair shaft. This, in turn, can result in pattern baldness and permanent hair loss if not treated.

Low Protein Intake

An unhealthy diet or lack of nutritious food injunction directly impacts the hair loss intensity in men. Out of all the necessary nutrients, protein is said to be the most important dietary requirement to maintain a healthy scalp and avoid early baldness, regardless of gender.

Post-Traumatic Stress

Any kind of shock, stress or physical or mental trauma, or severe health surgeries and treatments can also significantly impact the level of hair loss. This is known as telogen effluvium and usually occurs a minimum of 8 to 10 weeks post any sort of traumatic stress or condition.

Other Health Concerns/Diseases

The human body is prone to different diseases and health concerns like high blood pressure, sugar, autoimmune diseases, etc. Most of these health concerns directly impact the hair follicles, which results in damaged hair roots and thus major hair fall.

Potential Treatments/Solutions To Target Baldness

Hair Transplant

Out of all the possible options available for solving baldness in men, hair transplant procedures are known to be somewhat common today. All procedures involve patchwork wherein the skin section where hair is growing is removed and inserted in the bald spots. This is painful to sit through and is also heavy on your pocket, so choosing other economical alternatives would be more beneficial.

Increase Nutrition Intake

A certain number of essential changes in your day-to-day diet can do wonders to prevent baldness. Eating fruits and vegetables rich in proteins can significantly impact the level of hair loss you are facing, along with other health benefits.

Having a balanced diet is as necessary for your hair as it is for your body.

Invest in Redensyl

According to multiple studies, Redensyl is the closest alternative to hair transplant and has successfully shown promising results. Redensyl is the primary hair cosmetic ingredient-based product that guarantees improved hair growth within 85 days.

One of the main reasons for hair loss in men is interruptions and disturbances with the hair follicles. Redensyl directly works towards limiting or eliminating possible hair follicles and hair loss concerns and reduces it by approximately 16%.

Additionally, Redensyl guarantees a healthy scalp and an approximate 9% increased chances of hair growth in the anagen phase. The best medium to add Redensyl in your hair care routine is a hair tonic. You can find Redensyl Hair Tonic online or in cosmetic and healthcare stores around you with great ease.

Additional Tips To Prevent Baldness

  • Consult your doctor regarding the medication prescribed for other health concerns and ask for alternatives if possible.
  • Use your fingers to massage your scalp twice a day to increase blood flow and reduce stress around the hair follicles.
  • Limit consumption of hair products like hair gel, hair wax, etc., till highly necessary.
  • Avoid heavy drinking and tobacco consumption, as some studies hint at a direct relationship between tobacco/alcohol and hair loss.

To conclude, hair and scalp hair are as important as mental and physical well-being today for both men and women. It is high time you contribute towards building a healthier version of yourself, and hair care is a cakewalk with the right information. So invest in the right products and say goodbye to baldness.


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