What is PrEP?

What is PrEP?

PrEP represents pre-openness prophylaxis. It's an every day pill that can help forestall HIV. On the off chance that you don't have HIV, taking PrEP consistently can bring down your odds of getting HIV from sex by over 90%. PrEP is additionally known by the brand name oncohiv.com.

Who can utilize PrEP? 

PrEP isn't ideal for everyone. PrEP is for individuals who don't have HIV, and are at higher danger for getting HIV. You might need to chat with a specialist or medical attendant about PrEP in the event that you:

  • Don't consistently utilize condoms. 

  • Have a sexual accomplice who has HIV (some of the time called serodiscordant, serodifferent, attractive, or blended status couples). 

  • Have a sexual accomplice who is at high danger for getting HIV (like in the event that they have butt-centric or vaginal sex with others without condoms, or they're an infusion drug client).

  • Have butt-centric or vaginal sex with numerous accomplices, particularly in the event that you don't utilize condoms consistently. 

  • As of late had another STD (like chlamydia, gonorrhea, or syphilis).

  • Accomplish sex work that incorporates vaginal or butt-centric sex. 

  • Have infused drugs, shared needles, or been in treatment for drug use in the previous half year.

Similarly, if you are at high risk for HIV and you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding, PrEP may try for you and your child not to suffer HIV.

Your PCP or medical attendant will tell you about your situation whether PrEP is suitable for you. It is important to be straightforward so that you can get the best medical services for you - specialists and attendants are there to help, not assistants. The more accurate data they have, the better they can help you. oncohiv.com for more help.

PEP is not the same as PEP (post-openness prophylaxis). Energy is a transient treatment for individuals who have been effectively presented for HIV within the last 72 hours. PrEP is an every-day pill for individuals who may later be presented with HIV.

How viable is PrEP? 

On the off chance that you use it accurately, PrEP can bring down your odds of getting HIV from sex by over 90%. What's more, utilizing condoms and PrEP together aides you stay much more secure. PrEP can likewise brings down your odds of getting HIV from sharing needles by over 70%. 

It's truly imperative to take PrEP consistently. PrEP doesn't fill in too in the event that you skip pills. On the off chance that you don't take it consistently, there probably won't be sufficient medication in your body to impede HIV. 

PrEP doesn't forestall other explicitly sent diseases, similar to gonorrhea and chlamydia. So use condoms alongside PrEP to assist you with staying away from different STDs and give you additional insurance against HIV.

What are the symptoms of PrEP? 

PrEP is extremely protected. No difficult issues have been accounted for in individuals who are taking PrEP. 

PrEP may cause results like queasiness, loss of craving, and migraines. These results aren't hazardous and they generally improve with time, when your body becomes accustomed to PrEP. The vast majority of PrEP have no results by any means. 

On the off chance that you do have results that trouble you and don't disappear, talk with your primary care physician or medical attendant. They can help you sort out approaches to manage results and ensure all is great.

How would I get PrEP? 

You can get PrEP from some wellbeing facilities or Planned Parenthood wellbeing focuses, nearby wellbeing divisions, and specialists' workplaces. 

Your attendant or specialist will converse with you about the sex you have, the security you use, and your clinical history to check whether PrEP is ideal for you. They'll likewise give you tests for HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and different STDs. Furthermore, they'll test your kidneys to ensure they're functioning admirably. 

A few medical caretakers and specialists don't think about PrEP, or they would prefer not to recommend it since they don't have the real factors about PrEP. In the event that you don't have a specialist, or your standard specialist or medical attendant doesn't recommend PrEP, you actually have choices. The specialists and attendants at your nearby Planned Parenthood wellbeing focus can give forward-thinking, exact, non-critical data about PrEP, and assist you with getting a solution if PrEP is ideal for you. 

There are additionally different associations that can assist you with getting and pay for PrEP. More prominent than AIDS has a device that can help you discover PrEP close to you.

What else do I have to think about being on PrEP? 

When you're on PrEP, you'll need to return to your PCP or medical caretaker somewhere around at regular intervals to get tried for HIV. They'll converse with you about any results or indications you might be having. They may likewise test you for different STDs, and test you to ensure your kidneys are functioning admirably. On the off chance that pregnancy is feasible for you, you may get a pregnancy test as well. 

It's truly essential to go to these subsequent arrangements to ensure you're sound and without hiv. It's truly improbable you'll get HIV in case you're utilizing PrEP reliably. Yet, in the event that you do end up getting HIV while utilizing PrEP, it's significant for your wellbeing to quit utilizing PrEP immediately. PrEP isn't a treatment for HIV — truth be told, taking PrEP when you have HIV can really make the infection harder to treat.

What amount does PrEP cost? 

Most health care coverage plans, including Medicaid, cover PrEP. Check with your insurance agency to see if PrEP is covered on your system. Likewise you may have the option to find support with varying costs, such as Kopez, Coin, and Deductibles, although Gilead (the organization that makes the PREP) or Patient Advocate Foundation supports the patient.

In the event that you do not have health care coverage, you can get help to pay for PrEP in any situation. Gilead has a drug help program that can make PrEP free for you to pay. Your PCP or medical caretaker should submit an application to see if you are eligible.

Staff around you focus on Planned Parenthood, likewise can help you implement health care coverage or support programs that can make PrEP appropriate for you. oncohiv.com for more information.