Top Health & Fitness Tips For Men

I was sitting in the office and finished my routine work. My body was paining. When I drove home. I removed caterpillar shoes pakistan. I couldn't move my legs. When my Jean, saw me," George you look tired." " Ya honey, my arms, are aching." I pressed my shoulders.

Professional Medical Help

She took my bag. We sat in the living room. I just had a glass of water. Jean took an appointment with our family physician. Dr. John.

We discussed, with him, our daily routine. Dr. John took time, to know about our activities.

I saw him, noting down, the main points.

Dr. John just wrote some tests, and give us painkillers. We thank him, for giving us time.


I just moved to the lab, for some routine blood tests, and then proceeded to the X-ray room. The technician just took the image of my back. I took a follow-up appointment after 2 days.

We arrived in the night. I just had lunch, and then I changed my clothes, and we slept.

The hospital staff called me and said that the results are ready. Jean & I visited them. Dr. John was reading, my reports. " Mr. George, your bones are weak, in the X-ray. " "Your calcium and vitamin d levels are coming below the range". " I will give you supplements."

I bought the medicines, from the pharmacy. When we came home, we discussed some changes in our daily routines, which is as follows:

Diet Change

Jean and I agreed, to modify, our diet. Previously we were eating, junk food like burgers, fries, etc. We used to dine out at parties. So we now, included fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.

Now we replaced fizzy drinks, with soup. We were eating grilled food, instead of fried food.

In the office, I used to order fresh juice. I was having salad, in the lunch.

Some of my colleagues, surprised, to see. My routine, in the office, was drinking more water, at least 8 glasses.

I felt the difference, within a month. Some of my body fat was utilized by my body.


I called my neighbors and told them to join us, in daily workouts. So now, we were 4. Jean, me, Jack and his wife Eliza. 

We walked for half an hour, on daily basis, in the evenings. So when others saw, exercising, they also came with us. We all become 2 couples in a month.

We all sweated. We moved our arms, back and forward. We jogged to  a nearby garden and then twisted our bodies

We all laid down, on mats, and then cycled with our legs. 

We monitored our physique, on monthly basis. Our legs, became, more flexible. Our back reduced in pain. Our bellies shrank.

Understanding the labels

We used to shop, without making any lists. Anything, which had an offer, we put it in our shopping cart. Now we used to make important items, on our mobile. We both read about the ingredients of the cans. We didn't buy anything which for example, had high sugar content. 

Furthermore, we avoided those foods, which had preservatives, additives, etc. Or the chemicals we didn't know about.

We switched to organic and fresh food, which although was a little expensive, but was better than getting costly and long treatments.


We cut other unnecessary routines, of watching movies or using social media. Now we were sitting together of 20 people, we were doing meditation. We had online sessions, with yogi Jacob. He used to spend one hour with us, on Zoom.

We used to do different poses with him, e.g. Surya namaskaram, etc. It was fun, moving our bodies in different directions. In the beginning, it was really hard, to move our bodies. We all kept our spirits high. Gradually, we were able to twist our legs, and arms, with ease.


My wife and I were more energetic, within 6 months. I used to take a staircase, instead of the lift. It made my heart more strong, and it saved the environment from greenhouse gases. My meetings also went well. My focus increased. I was able to manage my stress level well. We all laughed and worked in a team. It was a right and timely decision, which paid off.



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