Top 7 Features in Drchrono Ehr Software

Founded in 2009, DrChrono is an award-winning EHR software service that is revolutionizing the clinical practice for medical providers. With its cloud-based, mobile-driven, and fully compliant solution, DrChrono enables physicians to provide a platform that streamlines administration along with patient care. 

DrChrono EHR software offers a suite of integrated practice management, medical billing, and revenue cycle management solutions that are the most flexible and intuitive in the industry.

Services provided are robust with modern API and can be tailored according to any speciality.  DrChrono is serving thousands of physicians and providing care to millions of patients. DrChrono is an official Apple Mobility Partner for healthcare, part of the US Government Precision Medicine Initiative, and the number one mobile EHR as voted by Black Book. 

DrChrono has not mentioned the pricing on their website for its services, however, customers can get a quote on the services they require by getting in touch with the vendor.

Here are some of our top selected features from DrChrono EHR software.


Most of the providers are now working with Apple products, and for that reason alone DrChrono stands out for providing portability functions and features. Your EHR software can be integrated with iPad devices. EHR app is also available at the App Store for users to download and navigate. 

The software and the app allow integration with all the features such as patient engagement, billing, workflow management, etc. You can also use DrChrono’s first-of-its-kind iPhone app to document encounters in an efficient way.

Electronic Prescriptions

Send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically for your patients. This feature has removed the hassle of having to go to the clinic for a prescription request and refill. 

With the eRX tool by DrChrono, you can send various kinds of prescriptions, make sure there aren’t any interactions with existing medications, locate pharmacies using GPS, and save priority prescriptions and pharmacies for each patient.

Customizable Forms

Clinical forms are an integral part of your regular tasks and workflow. DrChrono knows how to make this easier. With the software, forms will be easily available and accessible, taking less of your time to fill out without infringing your interaction with patients. DrChrono also provides customized medical forms along with using older forms to create new ones by making small changes here and there. Users can freely write or draw directly on images. Some of the features of DrChrono forms are:

  • Available on your tablet and desktop

Have clinical forms at your fingertips wherever you go. Customize them in any way that best suits your flow.

  • Create new forms and import old ones

Get in touch with DrChrono to find more about their services and the number of forms included in the package. 

  • Enhanced clinical forms functions

Our clinical forms will allow you to utilize iPad’s best features. Additionally, they also offer advanced voice-to-text feature embedded to convert your voice into clinical notes.

Pro Charting options with DrChrono EHR software. 

Smart Notes

DrChrono EHR software also improves workflows by creating macro buttons. 

  • What are macro buttons? 

Macro buttons will help you access saved notes that are commonly used in documentation every day. 

To top it all, creating a macro button at DrChrono EHR is very easy and can be done in one simple set. Once you have created your macro buttons, you can get instant access to view important information. This feature is available both for your desktop and iPad. 

Patient Portal for Health Records

A user-friendly patient portal platform called ‘OnPatient’ provided by DrChrono improves not only patient care and experience but also provides a communication portal to exchange information with their providers. The feature is full HIPAA compliant, meeting all the required regulations. Using this tool, your patients can sign in and set up their own appointments. This ticks off another task from your staff’s burden. Once they have arrived at the clinic to get started, you can bring them on board with the forms that are available on the device you are using. The information is secured in their new or existing electronic health record database profile. A proactive feature built to manage health risks, reduce manual paperwork, no-shows, book appointments, make updates and send reminders – all this is an essential part of patients’ medical experience.  

Pro Tip: Ask your vendor if your EHR offers a white-labelling option so that you can increase your practice’s branding.

Appointment Reminders

If you are tired of cutting down no-shows and missed appointments, then this feature will help you drastically. DrChrono offers quick and flexible appointment reminders to its users. Text and email reminders help notify and connect with patients of all age. This ensures that patients confirm their availability prior to their appointment, arrive on time, and follow-up schedule. 

Patient Flags

Patient flags are an interesting unique feature provided by DrChrono. It will help you keep tags on important patients’ information and health records from every visit. Use the flag for every time your patient visits to ensure a better healthy relationship is being maintained between all three parties (you, patients, and staff). For the next visit, your EHR system will automatically send notifications based on the previous one. The flags fall under the following categories:

  • Sensitives

  • Medications

  • Allergies

You can also customize the flag to specific notifications based on priorities.  

Is DrChrono EHR Software Worth It?

Since you have read in detail all the features of DrChrono EHR software, the question is whether it is worth the hype and a good decision to make an investment for your practice. Although we cannot recommend without having any knowledge of your practice, we can however suggest researching more on its review, social media presence or get DrChrono software demo.  

If you are interested in inquiring more about the software, get in touch with the vendor through their contact information or reach out to us for a FREE consultation.  Find the right EMR with FindEMR.