The Best Ways To Use E-liquid

The vape pens use the E-liquids to generate the smoke traditionally found in cigarettes. These are available in a plethora of flavors, with different nicotine contents and fruity flavors. Even though several new vapers feel intimidated from nicotine-based traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, these are much easier to use than several online forums show you. 

These also have a specific age bar, and only people above the age of 18 can purchase them from sites like and consume them. 

Let us look at the different methods to use e-liquids.

Choosing The Perfect E-Liquid

To choose the e-liquid that suits your needs, you need to know the difference between the PG and the VG e-liquids. The vegetable glycerine has added flavoring and added content of nicotine as compared to the propylene glycol base. You may also find e-liquid with a bit of both in the market. 


Most of the e-liquids in the top sites have varying ratios of both the bases and provide knowledge regarding the qualities to choose what suits your needs.

Most of the e-liquids use the PG base, and these are the best unless you are allergic to the combination. In such cases, you can choose the VGs as alternatives.


Using VG Rich E-liquids As An Alternative

The VG-rich e-liquids are the best way to leave nicotine addictions as they are 100% natural and don't contain chemically produced derivatives. 


The VG based liquids are thicker which means it produces thicker smokes. These require higher maintenance and more cleaning.


If you are fond of the sweet aftertaste, it's better to choose this base as it alters the flavor profile.

Choosing An E-liquid According To Personal Preferences

If you are not using which base may satisfy your needs, you can try a mixture of the two bases. These come with a combination of 50-50 and 60-40. 


For a more substantial hit, you can choose the PG base or go for a combination with a higher PG quantity.


If you're looking for a weaker hit and more vapor, then choose the VG-based mists. 


Determining The Nicotine Level Of Your E-liquid

Before anticipating which e-cigarette works best for you, it is essential to find out the amount of nicotine your body can consume without consequences. The heavier nicotine content is necessary for satisfying, the stronger cravings, and they generally level up over time.


If you were a chain smoker before switching to-cigarette, you would need something to replicate the nicotine content to satiate your thirst. In most cases, you will need around 24mg of nicotine content.


For curbing mild cravings or moderate cravings, a nicotine level of 12-18mg of nicotine level is enough.


While if you are a light smoker, you will need a 3-6mg nicotine content. 


Trying Out Different Flavors

Various top sites like offer trial sizes of the different flavors ranging from the spicy flavors to the more fruity and sweet flavors. If you are not sure which flavor suits your taste buds, you can experiment with the plethora of flavors available to make a final decision.


Conclusively using these methods can help you use your vape pens properly to get the best experience.