Setting Up the COVID 19 relief services from USA for those in need

It is imperative to find COVID 19 relief services and build funds to pay for treatments of those in need as the cases in rural India especially is rising at an unabated pace. Everyday NGOs are getting calls for funds to pay hospital bills, doctor’s fees, oxygen tanks, medication and even transportation to hospitals.  Many of the patients who send requests are people who have lost their jobs during the last lockdown and are sole breadwinners. Though the government is doing its best to control the spread of the virus with lockdown and curfews, it is not sustainable measure as people have to step out.

Who is seeking the funds?

Maximum number of requests for donations and COVID 19 relief services USA is coming from people who can no longer support the treatment for themselves or their family member as they have exhausted their resources. The scarcity of oxygen tank supply led to skyrocketing of price for oxygen.  Many live in small houses where it is impossible to quarantine the COVID-19 patient in a separate room. Hence, they have to wear the rudimentary mask and gloves while everyone stays under the same roof. For such families, basic sanitation products such as handwash and sanitizers are luxurious items that are beyond their means. NGOs are working to supply these basic amenities directly to such families. Many heart-rending requests come from children whose parent is suffering from COVID-19 or parents whose children have been infected and require respiratory support. The funds that are given to such recipients helps ensure that the patient receives primary care and nutritious food for the period of recovery.

Find COVID 19 relief services that are reliable

If you want to know if the COVID 19 relief services from USA to India are reliable then check their past and current recipients, the areas where they are offering relief services and the type of relief services they have offered. It is also essential to understand the whetting process for finding deserving recipients for the relief services. The government is providing ample support in terms of medication and testing. However, these may not be reaching everyone. One reason for this may be the lack of information. In such cases it is important to ensure to use the Find COVID 19 relief services that can reach out to such individuals and guide them on the appropriate course for faster recovery.

A lot of funds received for COVID 19 relief services from USA have gone towards setting up medical aid camps in small towns and villages that have limited access to good medical care. These camps have helped provide people emergency care in terms of oxygen supply, relief medication, ventilator support and certified medical practitioners diagnosis.

Accessing COVID 19 relief services from USA

Getting access to COVID 19 relief services from USA online is easy but how many people is it reaching? A vast majority of the population is missing out on digital presence. For such people, it is imperative to have physical access to resources and funds. A ground level NGO that has its volunteers spread across the farthest reaches of region can provide effective service by spreading the word and guiding people on various ways they can Find COVID 19 relief services. Nobody must be left out from medical access and awareness drives as even a single exposed person can be carrier of the COVID-19 virus who spreads it among the masses. Our best hope to curb this pandemic is in ensuring that everyone is protected from its clutches.

The primary need of medical aid, sanitary and hygiene products and nutritious diet for the COVID-19 patient can be serviced through COVID 19 relief services from USA. US$1 translates to approximately Rs. 74, which can buy someone basic medication for treatment and a decent meal.

The past year has made it clear how important good doctors are for the nation and the world. their sacrifices and critical action in the face of the pandemic has held the world together and given us courage to battle the pandemic and see hope in the end. Hence, donate for medical students so that the world is not deprived of a talented doctor who couldn’t afford medical education. You can donate for medical students online and be assured the student gets all the support they need.


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