Promoting Geosynthetic Solutions Worldwide

Technological innovation has led the world towards evolution. Nearly every industry leverages tech innovations to boost productivity, enhance product quality, and satisfy consumers. Stating that technological revolution is an important aspect of the world’s betterment will not be an exaggeration. The relationship between science and technology has revolutionized the way the world functions. It has also made it easy for individuals and industries to contribute to a healthy and happy world. Thanks to this ‘tech revolution,’ the attempts to build an eco-friendly environment bring in results. The geosynthetic industry is booming, and the world has the technology to thank.

Today, the respective industry works to build a world that aids the wellbeing of the earth and the people. Being responsible individuals of this planet, it is important to realize the quality of life human beings live. Every individual must understand the term ‘eco-friendly.’ The world has developed into a place where contamination, pollution, illnesses have spread to unimaginable levels. In this kind of disarray, it is exceptionally important to protect the earth and the living things that exist on it.

As people and the occupants of Mother, Nature one has failed to remember that every individual serves a duty to the earth. It implies keeping it protected and shielding its current circumstance from such occasions. These issues have become a serious concern, and interestingly with this, the idea of eco-accommodating or going eco-friendly has advanced. The world must utilize the technological revolution in addressing sensitive issues. A person who feels the responsibility of keeping the world healthy is Sam Bhat.

The Journey – From Engineering to Geosynthetic Management

The Indian-born Canadian, Sam Bhat, is an engineer by education. While growing up in the small town of Kashmir valley in India, Sam has always been a determined person. He was curious to learn things about nature and how they work. Be it human factors in everyday life or the power of nature, Sam wanted to learn and help the world with his services. His passion for helping the world led him to pursue a career in engineering. He earned his bachelor’s degree in ‘Electrical Engineering’ from PEC Chandigarh India and later earned a Master of Technology degree with merit from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in 1988. With a strong engineering background and a passion for helping serve the environment, Sam pursued his geosynthetic management career.

‘Geosynthetic’ is a term that refers to a two-dimensional product manufactured from a polymeric material. In the world of engineering, geosynthetic products are of great importance. These products perform several functions such as separation, reinforcement, drainage, containment, surface management, and others. Geosynthetics have emerged as exciting and innovative engineering materials over the past 30 years in various applications- transportation, geotechnical, environmental, hydraulics, waste management, mining, and other private development applications. They provide cost-effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions to reduce the carbon footprint, which is a dire need in our lives today.

 The geosynthetic products help develop a better world to live in.  This is why Sam went on to work for such a cause. His determination to serve nature to develop an eco-friendly environment made sure that he performs relevant research. It put in his efforts and time to equip himself with the necessary skills to spread awareness of geosynthetic management across the world.

Contributions in the World of Research and Technology

Working day and night to be where he is today, Sam is giving specialized technical consultancy in geosynthetics to Titan Environmental Containment Ltd for the past nine years and possesses a total experience of 30 years in the global geosynthetics industry.    He is also involved in advancing cleantech, harmless to the ecosystem geosynthetic arrangements in North America and worldwide. Sam has greatly contributed to the world with broad specialized experience utilizing geosynthetics products for a wide scope of geotechnical and ecological applications. These include base/soil, including base/soil reinforcement, pavement reinforcement, erosion control, and maritime engineering in North and South America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Sam has also appeared as a Guest speaker at different prestigious  Universities worldwide. He is associated with interdisciplinary scholarly designing projects offering esteem added geosynthetic solutions to help manage an assortment of complex common, ecological, and geotechnical designing issues. Side by side, Sam also worked on various projects with different universities.

While working with Titan, Sam has presented technical papers at international geosynthetics conferences. His contributions added to explore diaries. Sam has been engaged in community R&D projects with Concordia, Queen’s, Ottawa, Saskatchewan, Waterloo, and McGill University in Canada, University of California, Irvine, and the City of Calgary, utilizing exceptionally developed geosynthetic product solutions.

Sam puts efforts in planning and offering flexible, cutting-edge geosynthetic arrangements that are cost-effective and harmless to the ecosystem, actually progressed, and can be utilized anywhere installed. Working related to Titan’s way of thinking, Sam endeavors to provide many ways of employing ideal geosynthetic items, plans, clear establishment rules, and far-reaching specialized and benefits support. His work, especially with geogrid item improvement and applications, has been instrumental in taking the geosynthetics industry to the next level. With the hard work Sam has put in, his efforts are commendable and praiseworthy.


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