Lending a helping hand: Dr. Gautam Allahbadia is breaking the infertility taboos with IVF lite

Infertility is a curse that was inescapable in the past centuries, but with all the medical advancements, childbearing is now possible through the procedure of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Dr. Gautam Allahbadia, an Assisted Reproduction Specialist is working towards bringing a reform in the thought process of the rural sector and offer them the possibility of IVF treatment for the masses.


Over the past few decades humans have found a cure or an easy way for each and everything. Human Reproduction research is one such sphere where there have been both scientific and ethical challenges that conventionally hindered development of treatments for infertility. A lot of couples around the world have not been blessed with the boon of fertility and have suffered at the hands of mental societal pressure for decades. After years of research and experiments, doctors came up with the In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment for infertility or genetic problems. IVF is a complex series of procedures used to help with fertility or prevent genetic problems and assist with the conception of a child.


In India, there are multiple rural, remote areas where there’s no awareness about the IVF procedures and many couples give away their dreams of parenthood and lose all hope. There is a need of the hour to bring about a change and along with it, spread awareness about the scientific shot at having a baby.


Infertility affects around 10% to 15% of Indian married couples. Out of 27.5 million infertile couples in India, nearly 3 million are actively seeking treatment. The rate is higher in the urban population rather than the rural ones because of obvious reasons such as there are no proper advanced medical facilities, little awareness about the IVF procedure, low incomes and the fact that IVF is still considered a taboo also contributes greatly to the less rate of infertile couples seeking treatment in rural areas.


There’s a lack of initiative rather than a lack of resources in the rural area. The illiteracy rates are high and the IVF treatment is still viewed as a taboo rather than a medical advancement. However, some doctors and medical professionals are willing to change the reality and bring about a massive change.


Dr. Gautam Allahbadia Mumbai based eminent Obstetrician-Gynecologist is amongst the front liners that are actively engaged in the promotion of the IVF treatment. Dr. Allahbadia acknowledges the problem of infertility and has explained the problem of not seeking professional consultation in rural areas. A long serving Assisted Reproduction Specialist based in Mumbai, Dr. Gautam Allahbadia has helped over 9,000 couples fulfill their dream of parenthood over the last three decades of his career.


Dr. Allahbadia can be considered as the driving force behind the evolution of advanced reproductive health services in India. Along with being one of the pioneers in extending fertility services in India, he is now aiming towards making the IVF treatment approachable for the rural sector of the country. Several states such as Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Odisha to name a few, lack the medical services and opportunities that are currently widely prevalent in the metropolitan cities of India.


To further support one of his lifetime’s causes Dr. Gautam Allahbadia has brought forward the variation of an IVF treatment. Known as “IVF Lite”, this procedure has several potential advantages over conventional IVF protocols. It includes less medication and fewer injections, producing fewer eggs, but eggs of higher quality. IVF Lite also gives Pregnancy rates much better than conventional IVF in older patients as well.


Motherhood is an experience of a lifetime. Dr. Gautam Allahbadia has devoted a large chunk of his career to make sure that women achieve their dreams. His ultimate goal is to make the rural population accept the IVF treatment as a blessing rather than a taboo. The introduction of IVF Lite in India is also a huge step taken by the seasoned Gynecologist.