Know Here What Makes Savasana The Hardest Yoga Pose

You might have done Shavasana umpteen number of times after a yoga class and it may appear as nothing more than lying down on the mat to relax your body and mind. However, this is one of the deepest yet conscious yoga asanas you do to feel relaxed yet remain alert. The other name of Savasana is Corpse Pose as it resembles a lifeless body lying on the ground.

Savasana requires you to simply lie down on the yoga mat or floor on your back to rejuvenate your body and mind. You should join a registered yoga school to understand the benefits of this yoga asana. This yoga pose alleviates depression, high blood pressure, and a host of other health issues.

With that said, let us understand more about Shavasana and what challenges you might face while practicing this yoga asana.


Savasana – The Challenges

Savasana offers your tired muscles an opportunity to relax, it also helps you focus on the inner workings of your mind. However, practicing this yoga asana does come with a major challenge.


The Challenge

Although Savasana might appear to be a simple yoga pose it is also the most challenging one. Firstly, your body itself causes a lot of distraction. You might feel numb, chills, or itch in specific parts of the body. The Corpse Pose is done at the end of every yoga practice and relaxes your mind and body.

Even if you can control your body when practicing this yoga asana it is your mind that becomes a major challenge. You might come up with questions and doubts like;


  • Am I doing it the right way?

  • For how much time I have to stay in this position?

  • I hope I do not fall asleep.

  • Is this yoga practice worth it?

  • I can smell my sweat.


You should remember that is natural for your mind to wander off even during the normal yoga practice. Savasana is more than another yoga asana, it is the ultimate act of conscious surrender.

With so much going on in your personal and professional life, inculcating Savasana into your daily routine helps improve your overall productivity. In other words, learning to simply observe and do nothing about your feelings and emotions is a skill not everyone can learn.

However, this does not mean you cannot practice Savasana. You should enroll in reputed spiritual healing courses in India to know more about this yoga pose. The teachers at this course would help you develop the patience and knowledge to do this yoga pose with ease.

5 Tips To Practice Corpse Pose

Given below are five steps that can help you practice the Corpse Pose without any hassle.


1. The Proper Settings

Before you decide to do the Corpse Pose it is essential to create the right atmosphere. You should do a proper stretching session. Yoga experts recommend you utilize props like bolsters, pillows, and blankets. You can also use an eye pillow to help your eyes relax. In short, the more relaxed you are, the better the results.


2. One Deep Breath

You should start the practice by taking a deep exhale. It sends a signal to the parasympathetic nervous system to relax. Enrolling in a registered yoga school would help you know everything there is about Shavasana under the tutelage of highly skilled teachers.


3. Look Out For Tension

When you lie down in Savasana try to focus on all parts of your body and make them heavier. You should scan for any tension that might be pent-up in any body part like your jaw or shoulders.


4. Simply Notice

Some days you would find it easier to do the Shavasana while at times you would struggle to maintain focus to even lie down on the mat. Trust the process and your breathing to carry you from one phase to another. Enrolling in spiritual healing courses in India would help you understand this yoga asana with ease.


5. Have An Intention

Before you start with the Corpse Pose it is important to form a mental image about how you are feeling in general. You should set a clear intention about what you want out of this practice, and what you intend to leave behind.



The Savasana is a time for you to rest your mind and body after completing the yoga session. You should join a registered yoga school to understand more about this yoga asana.


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