Kati Vasti – An Excellent Therapy For Lower Back Pain

Are you feeling chronic back pain? It is a common problem that many sedentary and aged people face. Moreover, the screens or game boxes also increase back pain issues across the globe. According to various researches, it is clear that it is not the age factor that causes back pain, but a sedentary lifestyle is also a primary reason for chronic back pain. Many painkillers and medicines are available in the drug store that provides quick relief.

But Ayurvedic treatments believe in permanent treatment of any issue, including back pain. So it is better to go for ayurvedic medicine instead of a temporary solution to your chronic back pains. Ayurvedic remedies are harmless and more effective.

Similarly, Kati Vasti is an effective Ayurvedic treatment that is a permanent solution for your back pain. So here we will discuss what Kati Vasti is and how it works for treating back pain. This procedure is usually done for a week regularly, according to an Ayurvedic doctor, for better results.

So let's discuss it in detail.


What is Kati Vasti?


Kati refers to the lower abdomen area or waist, and Vasti is known for holding the warm oil in the affected area. So Kati Vasti is holding the warm oil at the portion of the back where a person feels the pain. The patient lies down on the bed, and oil is applied for a specific time at the affected area. It builds the reservoir around the area and pours the medicated oil to a particular temperature. Then oil is massaged gently over the body, so a person feels relief and relaxed from pain.

So it is an Ayurvedic sacral rejuvenation therapy by the use of hot oil. Moreover, it can be achieved with the local and sedation oiling process.




Procedure of Kati Vasti


The patient needs to lay on a comfortable surface by facing down. The medicated Kati Vasti oil is applied to the lumbosacral region locally. After applying the oil, place a reservoir made of black gram dough around the area. This reservoir must be leak proof. Slowly poured a lukewarm medicated oil that is around 200 to 300 ml. The oil temperature is maintained at a specific level by reheating and continuously adding more oil to the reservoir.

The oil must be inside the reservoir over the body for 30 to 40 minutes. After this time, gently massage the affected area following steam for 10 to 15 minutes. Steam helps in better absorption of oil in the body.


Benefits of Kati Vasti

Kati Vasti provides several benefits to the body, especially elevating chronic back pains. Moreover, its benefits include

  1. Alleviate the numbness due to nerve compression
  2. Strengthens the back muscles
  3. Effective for spinal disorders, stiffness, and other spinal disc concerns
  4. Increase blood circulation at a specific region
  5. Strengthen the joints, soft tissues, and muscles
  6. Ease the pain associated with dislocation or fractures



Summing up the above discussion Kati Vasti is practical and effective for all back, spinal issues. You can take it as a preventive treatment because it also promotes spinal health and helps to avoid back-related problems. It is the best treatment for the backbone, muscles, spine tissues, vertebrae, and nerves.


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