How to boost testosterone naturally

Testosterone is an important hormone in men that regulates fertility and muscle mass. Men and women both produce testosterone but men have a higher rate of testosterone. This hormone is responsible for many crucial body functions such as fat distribution, increasing muscle size and mass, and improving bone health. 

Low testosterone levels can reduce sex drive as well as hinder your ability to gain muscle. 

In this article, we will see how to boost testosterone naturally. 

Increase zinc intake

Zinc is an essential mineral that can boost your ability to absorb nutrition and your testosterone level as well. Many studies have found zinc supplements to be effective in men with low testosterone. Most athletes tend to lose zinc through sweat during exercise. Thus, taking zinc supplements can be helpful to ensure a healthy level of testosterone. Consider adding zinc-rich foods such as fatty fish, avocado, and eggs. 


Exercise is one of the easiest and effective ways you can boost testosterone naturally. It has been observed in many studies that physically active men tend to have better testosterone levels. Resistance training and weight lifting is an effective exercise to boost testosterone production. But remember, prolonged exercise can reduce testosterone. 

Manage stress 

Stress is the biggest killer of testosterone. Taking stress produces cortisol hormone in the adrenal gland. A high level of cortisol reduces the healthy production of testosterone. Hence, managing your stress can be a helpful way to boost your testosterone levels. 

Get enough sleep 

You already know that sleep plays an important role in the normal functioning of your body. Good sleep not only improves physical activities but also regulates your hormones and metabolism. You should be taking at least 6-7 hours of sleep. People with less than 5 hours of sleep are found to be deficient in testosterone levels. Hence, go to bed early and take proper sleep to boost testosterone naturally. 

Lose weight 

Your weight highly affects your health as well as your testosterone level. If you are overweight, making efforts to lose fat can be the best way to boost testosterone naturally. Get in a calorie deficit and start exercising regularly to lose some weight. 

Take vitamin D

Taking enough vitamin D is another thing to consider to boost testosterone naturally. The best way to do that is to ensure you get enough sunlight. If you seem to be low on vitamin D, taking a vitamin D supplement is a good option. You can also take vitamin D supplements. A study found that taking 3000 IU of vitamin D3 daily can increase testosterone level by 25%. 

Reduce alcohol intake

High consumption of alcohol can lead to many health conditions and diseases. Besides that,  heavy consumption of alcohol can reduce your ability to produce testosterone. Alcohol intake in women increases testosterone while it lowers in men. Further study is required to understand how alcohol affects testosterone.

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