Health insurance for couples, consider the following

Health and body care is a priority aspect, therefore, the insurers that offer this type of services in Mexico offer their clients the possibility of expanding their coverage to include, mainly, relatives and partners.

It is important to make one point clear, although different insurers make it easier for their policyholders to extend policies that include children or a partner, this is not an obligation. In all health insurance there are particularities, exceptions and limitations established in the contract, therefore, it is a priority to contact an agent who guides and explains all the possibilities that are acquired.

Current couples and how they take care of their health

Currently, Mexican couples have modified their idea of ​​family, but what does not change at all is the need to maintain good health to enjoy the present and future.

Have you ever heard of DINKs? The term refers to married couples with a few years of marriage or couples in common union who have decided not to have children. In addition, both work and this allows them a higher standard of living, and allocate certain resources to their personal care and health. In fact, and as a context data, INEGI has reported that 26% of Mexican households do not have children.

On the other hand, there are couples who want and have planned to have children. For them, the importance of contracting health insurance lies in the type of services to which they will have access; medical examinations during pregnancy, consultations with medical specialists, the possibility of a caesarean section and specialized care for the baby. Health insurance is a help for these types of couples who seek to grow their family and who want specialized care, without having to spend more.

As an additional recommendation, and in the event that a pregnancy is planned in a short time, the waiting times established in each plan should be reviewed, this before signing the contract, which are generally greater than 12 months.

Registration for insured couples

The following actions should be taken into account:

  1. The person who wishes to contract the service must notify the insurer and submit a request providing the data of said person.
  2. When it comes to marriage or spouse, the person who will join the plan must pass the selection exams and medical tests made by the insurer.
  3. The insurer must evaluate the application and if it is accepted, the interested party may pay the corresponding premium.

If the couple is insured and they become parents within the term of the insurance, the child or children born at that time have service coverage. However, parents must comply with the following:

  1. Give written notice within 30 calendar days following the party. 
  2. Add a birth certificate issued in Mexican territory.
  3. Verify the payment of the premium within a period of 30 days from the corresponding registration date.

Taking care of the well-being of our loved ones is not a minor aspect. Before contracting any health insurance, review the general conditions and the type of services offered, for example: if the plans include dental check-ups, what percentage is the coinsurance payment to have care from specialists, if they have preventive campaigns or access to vaccines .


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