Glasses for Gaming & Binge watching for a long time without hurting your eyes

Is your favorite pastime include gaming all day? If you have even more time to spare, then binge-watch all your favorite TV shows. That is one way to spend your fun and relaxing day. You only need some popcorn or some snacks to munch on all the time, and the day is well spent. After your movie spree, eye pain or headache is the only issue. But it is manageable. It is the price you pay for your fun time. But what if you don’t have to. 

No eye pain, no headache, or blurry visions after you spend some quality me-time. Isn’t it amazing? You just need to give your eyes some crutches, that is, glasses that avoid straining your eyes.

What glasses are best for binge-watching and gaming?

Binge-watching and gaming all day is not a healthy habit. But it is okay to do it once or twice a week. You can spend your one day off playing your favorite game. Next Monday morning, you feel tired and exhausted. To avoid this, you can try out blue light-blocking glasses.

These glasses block blue lights emitted from the digital screen, the main reason for your eye strain. 

Wearing blue light glasses soothe your eyes and don’t let your eyes strain. If you use prescription glasses, then get your glasses made with blue light blocking lenses. You can keep your eyes safe while enjoying your favorite pastime and also at your workplace if you are constantly on computers. Headache because of blue lights, blurriness, or dry eyes will reduce. You have a comfortable viewing time without getting any eye pain.

Also, blue light glasses give you a clearer image in comparison to regular prescription glasses. You can watch your movies with much clarity and colour distinction improving your viewing experience. You can also improve your ranking in the game. With a clear view of the screen, your efficiency in the game improves. 

Glasses that block almost all the blue lights reduce eye strain or any other side effect from overexposure to blue light. Most blue light glasses are not that effective. They can block up to 60-90 percent of blue light rays. X-Blue UV, revolutionary blue light glasses in the UK with 99.99 percent of efficiency, are best for use while watching movies or working on a computer. 

Other ways to reduce eye strain

To reduce eye strain, you can try out various eye exercises. One exercise is shifting focus that you can try anywhere. In this, you need to focus on the tip of your thumb while moving it back and forth. 

There are many similar exercises. All these exercises help in relieving eye strain by breaking the monotonous activity of your eyes. 

While watching movies or working on computers, you focus hard on the screen and rarely blink or move your eyes. Your eyes are still and exposed to blue lights for a long time. This makes your eyes more tired. Doing this type of exercise relieves your eyes.

Another way to reduce eye strain is to take a break in between. You can enjoy your movies without hurting your eyes by taking breaks in between. Pause the movie or series and leave your computer for few moments, move around your room, come back and continue where you left. 

You can also try out eye drops to lubricate your eyes. These artificial solutions are made with elements similar to tears. This moistens your eyes. You will feel a cooling sensation in your eyes which soothes your eyes. 

You can put on cucumber slices on your eyes too. It will reduce puffiness or redness of the eyes. 

Don’t leave style out of the scenario.

You will be using these glasses for binge-watching or gaming, where no one will bat an eye on you. But that doesn’t mean you can just buy any glasses as long as they are blue light blocking glasses. Glasses are not simply a visual aid but fashion accessories. You can wear them outside too. Choose a stylish glasses pair and wear them to your work or impress your date with them. Buy glasses online in X-Blue UV lenses and spend your time binge-watching or working without hurting your eyes but with style.


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