From Italian Restaurants Safe During COVID-19?

The third wave of COVID-19 has hit the strongest in many regions and the governments have imposed a smart lockdown; which means that the restrictions are again imposed. All businesses especially Italian Restaurants In LA are trying to manage this crisis in the best way.

Follow Simple Tips For Italian Restaurants In LA Customers

This is a question that all customers have because the virus is affecting everything. So to know whether the restaurants are following the precautions or not is vital. Also, the customers must take safety measures.

Select Restaurant You Feel Confident About

If you are confident that the restaurant you have approached is the best and will deliver hygienic food; then always choose that place. If you are thinking of going for another restaurant then make sure that you know the reviews about it.

Use Card Option For Payment

Money, in general, is known to spread germs and bacteria and transactions going cashless is the need of the hour. If you have a credit or debit card then use it for payment.

Keep Good Distance From Delivery Person

Although all restaurants are giving the service of contactless delivery; still you the customers have to stay a safe distance of 6 feet from the delivery person. Also, you can instruct the delivery guy to keep a safe distance.

Wearing Gloves When Picking Order

If you are going to pick up the order from the restaurant then wear either plastic or surgical gloves. You have to dispose of the boxes along with the gloves.

Washing Hands After Receiving Package

The food at restaurants including Burrata House is cooked and packed in the most hygienically way, but it is recommended to wash hands after receiving the package.

Be Careful When Using Utensils

You should use your eating utensils to keep yourself safe. But if the utensils are safely packed inside then you can use them; otherwise, throw them away immediately.

How Restaurants Are Coping With COVID-19 Pandemic?

The staff and management of Italian Restaurants In LA make it their most important duty to deliver the food safely as they are aware of the threat of the Coronavirus. They adopt the below-mentioned preventions to ensure safe operations.

Staff And Chefs Washing Hands Regularly

Hand washing is the most essential part of the routine. The chefs and the staff will wash their hands before starting to cook and also in-between preparation. The packing team will also wash the hands when they are starting to pack.

Hiring Professional Cleaning Companies

Hiring professional cleaning is vital because the cleaning staff is aware of how to clean and disinfect the area.

Cleaning And Disinfect On Your Own

It is also up to the local restaurant staff to keep the whole place clean. Whenever you spill something; immediately clean it.

Contactless Delivery System

Contactless delivery means that the food items are left on the doorstep and then picked up by the customer.

Avoid Coming To Restaurant If Possible

If there is no need for an employee in the restaurant then it is wise to stay home.

Send Employees On Sick Leave

The most important precaution that Italian Restaurants In LA can take is to send employees home who are even slightly sick.

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