Focus On Improving Your RCM for DME Billing

Billing issues are unavoidable in the medical billing industry. Furthermore, as healthcare costs rise and billing rules & regulations change, the challenges of managing day-to-day DME billing operations and other billing practices become more difficult for healthcare practices. This is why, nowadays, the majority of healthcare practices choose to outsource their HME, DME, and other medical billing operations.

Suggestions for improving your DME billing process


Proper verification of documents

It is common to find that improper and incorrect data entry accounts for more than 80% of billing errors. This is why staff should pay special attention to minimizing or avoiding errors, which not only reduces the number of claims denied quickly but also ensures a faster reimbursement rate.


Claims management

Claim denial and rejection are two of the most common issues in the DME billing process. Healthcare practices are sometimes seen struggling to meet KPIs. Furthermore, claims are frequently denied or rejected as a result of poor communication. This is why, to combat denials, a clear and seamless communication process should be established.


Updating billing and coding guidelines

Billers frequently become confused, about which billing mandates they should follow, as billing mandates change regularly. It can sometimes result in billing and coding errors, which lead to claim denials and rejections. With medical advancements and other factors, new coders are constantly appearing in healthcare practices.

This is why simply understanding the billing process is insufficient. Billers and coders must regularly update themselves with current industry mandates, as well as new codes and coding guidelines, to provide proper seamless DME billing management.

Sunknowledge is a leading provider of DME billing services.

Sunknowledge Services Inc, a leading RCM organization, maintains a 99.9% accuracy rate in all billing and coding processes, making sure not only an 80% operational cost reduction but also the highest productivity metrics in the industry.

We have served the biggest names with trust and excellence over the last decade. We currently have a bench strength of over 2000 resources working solely in the DME space. We drive revenue growth for the biggest and best companies and can match or beat any price.

The best part is that Sunknowledge can create a perfect plan to define your ROI goals in the most profitable way. Currently, our client references attest to how we have raised the bar in delivering competitive DME billing services all under one roof. Our experts have the ideal definition in place and provide customized support at the highest productivity levels in the entire market.

Our AR monitoring experts assist you in collecting 80% of claims that have been pending for 90 days or more. As a result, all of our clients have efficient cash flow. Speak with our experts and allow us to set the perfect standards for your DME billing efforts. At 2% of all services or $7 per hour, we believe in providing dedicated resources that transform your collections. Discover what makes us unique in the RCM ecosystem.


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